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Pro Tools students record Woodshedding

Class Combo

Today the Pro Tools Media Lab students are recording the Woodshedding students’ songs. This kind of synergy is a perfect example of what we do at Spy Hop.…

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Allyson Katana at 801 Session

This is Allyson Katana

Allyson Katana is an alum of 801 Sessions and Musicology. She also fronts her own band called The Debbie Downers. She’s also a visual artist and an all around renaissance woman. Whew! She filled in la…

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Sophia Brockman at 801 Session

This is Sophia Brockman

Sophia Brockman is an alum of the Musicology program. Currently she’s warming our hearts and Diabolical Records with songs of girl power, dating awkwardness, and love. We love you Sophia!…

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Spy Hop Woodshedding


Our new songwriting program, Woodshedding, is moving right along. We’re in the process of learning about recording songs that we’ve been composing for the last month. Blaine is our house engineer for …

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Spy Hop Musicology

Writing a song.

The as-yet-to-be-named-band Musicology band is currently playing their first song called “Teeth.” It’s a heavy number about social acceptance and allyship. Good stuff!  …

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801 Sessions at Diabolical Records

801 Sessions on the Town

The 801 Sessions crew prepping to capture a performance at Diabolical Records. Their collective mind is strong! We hosted The Art Pack and Blind Design tonight. The show was great.…

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