Digital Design Portfolio

Horizonte students at Adobe

Horizonte & Adobe Chalk Art Mural

Horizonte high school students from Salt Lake City had an amazing opportunity to learn how to make a large scale mural at Adobe headquarters, in Lehi, Utah. Under the direction of Nate Baldwin, a tale…

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Spy Hop Skateboard Deck Media Lab

Skateboard Deck Design Media Lab

In April’s Design Media Lab we designed skateboard decks. Each student used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We learned about vectors, artboards, layers, bleeds, color modes, and preparing a fil…

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Out Loud at UMOCA

UMOCA Out Loud project

Spy Hop and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art collaborated for the Out Loud workshop taught at UMOCA by a former Spy Hop student.   Out Loud is an artistic platform for youth voices in the LGBTQIA+ comm…

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animation media lab

Animation Media Lab

Simple Shapes, Character Design In our latest Animation Media Lab each student is developing their character. Once a student designs a character, the students switch seats and rework their fellow stud…

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power up code

Power Up! Making it happen!

All the Power Up “Mates” are working on the tasks they are assigned to do. Hunter has created all the audio clips for the game, now he is creating an Audio Manager in C# to allow the audio…

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ball with tail game animatio

Ball with tail

Another classic animation test is ball and tail.  In Power Up we are adding more principles of animations to the students’ tool box.  Keep an eye out for secondary animation, curves, exaggeratio…

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Digital Animation Media Lab


Tuesday was the first day of the Digital Animation Media Lab! We learned about Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston’s 12 Principles of Animation.  We made a classic ball bounce using Adobe Animate wi…

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