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Spy Hop at Manual Cinema

Spy Hop Apprentices @ Manual Cinema

Last week the Film, Design and Audio apprentices got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of the coolest theater pieces you will ever see! The crew from Manual Cinema was kind enough to shar…

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Serafin Sanchez visits Spy Hop

Ableton @ Spy Hop

We had the awesome privilege of having Serafin Sanchez from Ableton stop by Spy Hop to do a private beatmaking workshop with some of our students a couple weeks ago and he did not disappoint! We had a…

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Spy Hop's Resonate group: The Art Pack

The Art Pack / Film Apprenticeship

The Resonate students have had an eventful December! Last week they appeared on Mountain Views on Park City Television to discuss their project Poetic Nonsense, their upcoming show on December 20th, a…

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Pro Tools Media Lab 11/9

Today our media lab class got a chance to learn from some of our audio apprentices. Tracking drums and all the troubleshooting that comes along with a recording session of this size. Awesome seeing pe…

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Open Mic—10/13/17

We’ve got some awesome work happening today for our PitchNic films at Open Mic! Recording some cello for an original composition by one of our Spy Hop students. Open Mic is every Friday at Spy H…

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