Digital Design Portfolio

3D Design and Animation 

This video reel showcases the Sketch and Toon style animations created by the students in the fall 2017 apprenticeship. It was showcased at a closing party for Salt Lake City Design Week.

This 3D animation was made by design apprentice Ruth Jensen.

Spy Hop Stickers 

Spy Hop sticker by Natasha

Spy Hop sticker by Napua

Spy Hop sticker by Alex

Spy Hop sticker created by Leslie

Math Explorer

The Spring Apprenticeship 2016 designed and programmed this space shooter game where math is the key to taking back the universe. Do you have the math skills do survive this 8bit galaxy?

History Mystery

The Fall Apprenticeship 2016 created this 2D Platformer that tests your history skills. Can you solve this History Mystery without loosing your mind?

Running Late!

The Fall Apprenticeship 2015 made this revamped game where timing is key. Get a higher ranking the more you jump over obstacles. Good luck and don’t be late!


A day in WW2, this is a submarine game made by the Spring Apprenticeship Crew in 2015. Get an idea of how history can influence game movements and try not to explode!

Project Sobriety

A game that shows the dangers of drinking and driving made by Spy Hop Apprenticeship students in 2012.

On The Streets

A video game that showcases 2 days in the life of a homeless teenager living in Utah made by Design Apprenticeship students in 2013.


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