Media Labs are three-week workshops that give you hands on experience in film, audio, and design. Join other students and be taught by experts in their field who care about you and your creative vision. This is also a great way to learn about Spy Hop and the courses we offer.

Ages 13 -19 | 4pm – 6pm | Tuesdays & Thursdays | $25 registration fee

October 10 – 25, 2018

Audio: Podcasting

Feel like the world needs to hear about something important to you? Learn how to create and produce your very own Podcast! Start sharing stories with the world from YOUR point of view!

Design: 3D Modeling and Animation

Learn a variety of methods of creating 3D models using the software Cinema 4D. Learn how to animate your models and use motion capture to bring characters to life.

Film: Lyric Videos

Finally a class that you can learn how to make your own YouTube sensation lyric video. This three week course will teach you how to edit in premiere pro while using animation and design techniques to create your very own unique lyric video.

October 30 – November 11, 2018

Audio: Band Recording

Learn what it takes to make a record for a band. Learn about mic placement, recording a variety of instruments, editing and mixing; all while working with real musicians!

Design: Programming for Video Games

Learn how to program a variety of game mechanics using Unity 3D, Javascript and C#. Learn to program things like health systems, pick up systems and user interfaces.

Film: Podcast Animation

Turn a student-created podcast story into a creative animation. True collaboration meets authentic storytelling in this 3-week stop-motion animation course all about bringing words to life.

December 4 – 20, 2018

Audio: Synth School

Learn the ins and outs of synthesizers and creating your own unique sounds! Get hands on experience navigating analog gear as well as soft synths. Let’s make some noise!

Design: 2D Pixel Art Animation

Design a 2D pixel art for video game environment art. Learn to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Game Maker 2 and Unity Game Engine. No previous video game creation skills needed.

Film: Cinemagraphs

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… so how many words is a gif worth? Discover the storytelling power of a visual “loop” and how a live moment frozen in time can communicate a whole scene. Explore set design and lighting concepts while making approachable yet artistic living paintings you can send in a text or post on social media.

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