Prayasam Visit

Prayasam at Spy HopLast week, we had visitors from Salt Lake City, India in the studio. Prayasam is a youth media organization, a fellow Adobe Creative Catalyst. The team traveled over 36 hours to come meet our mentors, tour the space, and conduct an exercise with all of our current apprenticeship students.

Prayasam - Project 1324

The activity was called “River of Life,” in which our apprentices were asked to draw a river with highs and lows, and address moments in the last year that have been their “Wow” and “Not So Wow” moments. Each river was then placed on the ground and connected to the others, circling the tables. As an exercise in reflection, both on a personal and collective scale, students were given an opportunity to express moments in their life with the respect and support from their fellow Spy Hoppers that might have been difficult to share on their own.

River of life - Prayasam at Spy Hop

Prayasam at Spy Hop

Prayasam at Spy Hop