No Static Podcast

Amplify your voice & tell the stories that matter

Do you listen to podcasts frequently? Are you passionate about topics that you want to share with an audience? Spy Hop is looking for teens to create podcast episodes and learn all about audio for No Static, a podcast program that focuses on addressing social issues and topics that are relevant to you. You will learn about different types of audio storytelling (vox pop, radio commentary, radio drama, broadcast journalism) and work with other teens to create 2 unique podcast episodes. This class will teach you how to record, interview, and edit your pieces. If you like to talk, write, record, and share your ideas with the world, No Static is for you!

No Static Podcast is offered twice per year, fall and spring sessions.

What Happens in this Program:

  • Create theme based podcast episodes.
  • Learn how to edit audio in Adobe Audition.
  • Learn how to record in studio and at home.
  • Learn how to interview online and in person .
  • Learn and create different types of audio stories like radio documentaries and radio dramas.

Access to Gear and Technology Matters

We believe that access to high-quality gear, technology, and equipment should not be a barrier to being an active participant in your community. Spy Hop provides professional gear and software for all participating students in classes at the Kahlert Youth Media Art Center. Professional gear is available to rent for FREE for students who may need to use gear and equipment outside of class time for assignments and special projects.

Please review Spy Hop’s Gear Check-Out Policies.

Current and Upcoming Sessions

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