Open Fridays at Spy Hop

Come spend Fridays from 3-7pm at Spy Hop! Spy Hop invites students to stop in on Friday afternoons from 3 – 7pm to explore and express your creativity in a loose and casual setting.

Spy Hop Open Studio | Open to students 13 – 19
Every Friday afternoon from 3 – 7pm, Spy Hop’s recording studio and beats lab is open for you to collaborate, learn, and make music you want to hear. Come alone, bring friends, or bring your band and use our gear to make beats, experiment with synths, or record your music in the recording studio. Lay down your tracks; get behind the mic; make beats; enjoy!

Spy Hop Open Lounge | Open to students 13 – 19
Every Friday afternoon from 3 – 7pm, Spy Hop invites students to Open Lounge – in the Spy Hop Student Lounge. Open Lounge is a casual environment where students can work on creative projects, do homework, play games, connect with other teens and enjoy a safe space where self-expression is encouraged.

Phase 2 Skill Labs | Open to students 14 – 25
Every Friday afternoon from 3 – 6pm, Phase 2, Spy Hop’s in-house film production studio, invites students to come hang out with the Phase 2 team, test film gear, meet with other creatives and learn the basics of cameras, lighting, interviewing and more. Those who participate in Phase 2 Skill Labs become eligible for hire in future Phase 2 projects.

Access to Gear and Technology Matters

We believe that access to high-quality gear, technology, and equipment should not be a barrier to being an active participant in your community. Spy Hop provides professional gear and software for all participating students in classes at the Kahlert Youth Media Art Center. Professional gear is available to rent for FREE for students who may need to use gear and equipment outside of class time for assignments and special projects.

Please review Spy Hop’s Gear Check-Out Policies.

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Music & Beats
September 2 – August 25

Open Studio

Ages 13 - 19

Every Friday Spy Hop’s recording studio and beats lab are open for a drop-in style program to collaborate, record and produce music. Come in, make new friends, and create the music you love!

Open Lounge
Hang Out
Open Fridays
January 13 – May 19

Open Lounge

Ages 13 - 19

Every Friday, students are invited to come hang out with other students and creatives in a safe and inviting space to play games, hang out, explore creative passions, work on projects or do their homework. Enjoy some down time with other teens!

Phase 2 Skill Lab
Advanced, Intermediate, Introductory
January 20 – May 19

Phase 2 Skill Lab

Ages 14 - 25

Every Friday Phase 2 offers a drop-in style class for you to hone your creative and technical skills in a supportive and fun environment.