Reel Stories

What’s your story?

Spy Hop’s longest running film class, REEL Stories, gives you the chance tell your story to the world. Each year, twelve high school students  write, direct, and edit their own, five-minute documentary film that speaks to who they are, what they’re into, and where they live.

No prior film experience is needed. If you are between the ages of 15 – 19, and have the passion and dedication to give to us, we will give back intensive training in pre-production, shooting, sound and editing from our Documentary arts mentor. You’ll also get two special master classes from visiting award winning filmmakers to help you hone your story and fine-tune your editing. The finished films will then premiere in front of a public audience on the big screen.

This class is all about the process – and is a great first step into Spy Hop. Make some incredible friends, learn a ton, and see where it takes you!

June 11 – 29, 2018
Mon – Fri, 9-3 PM
Ages 15-19

Applications coming soon!

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