Podcasts, Prisons and Pedagogies

Research Study on How Media Arts Spark New Possibilities for Incarcerated Youth

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Now comes the listening experience part! 

How and When to Listen

We invite you to set aside 35-40 minutes of uninterrupted time to listen to an audio montage made up of excerpts from the Sending Messages podcast. You can listen now or within the next few days, however, we strongly suggest you do this within the next 24 hours. After you listen, you will receive a link to the post-listening questionnaire. You will need to complete this questionnaire in order to receive a $15.00 Amazon gift card.

What might I expect from this listening experience?

These excerpts contain personal recounts, poems and music created by incarcerated youth using the medium of audio arts. Some of these excerpts address sensitive topics that could be distressing to some listeners such as drug use, abuse, self-harm, and violence. Listener discretion is advised. However, we hope that this listening experience helps you access the voices of young people as they express themselves in creative new ways and share their stories.

Recommended Listening Tips

  1. Listen with headphones or earbuds (when possible) so outside distractions are minimized.

  2. Listen in the ways you may normally listen to podcasts, radio, music such as during walking, cooking, doing chores, driving, etc.

  3. Open this listening link in your phone or laptop, whatever is easiest for you to listen to.


Optional Additional Listening

We invite you to continue listening to Sending Messages. Here’s how:

What if I need more information?

If you have any questions at all, feel free to write to the Principal Investigator for this study at mindy@convergencedesignlab.org. Happy Listening!