Musical Contributers

The music that students use to enhance their stories and produce the episodes come from all over the world. All of the individuals contribute their work for free and we are so grateful for donating their work! To hear more of their material, please click on the links below.

Slow Clinic from England

Pax Loyu from Norway

101010oxo from ?

Arob Project from Greece

Joke from France

r.m.ʝ〜ʎ from Japan

Anemine from Germany

Backdrive from California

Cheekbone from Japan

El Fin Del Astronauta  from Argentina

Flaub from Austria

Midera from Minneapolis

Seven Legged Octopus from Arizona

Spectralbridger from the UK

Tensor from Pennsylvania

The Credible Unhulk from Ireland

Thunder Machine from Michigan

Logreybeam from California

Two Quiet Suns from England

Hawk Duncan from New Mexico

Spotlight, Floodlight from California

Nighty’s Estranger from Minnesota

Signalsundertests from Ireland

Abake from Sweden

Erik Schumacher from Germany

Xavier Losada from Venezuela

Kenetik from South Africa

Geoff Bennett from California

The Association from Australia

Peekaboo from Italy

Jagoda Project from Italy

Oliver Sadie from England

Sandro Filipe from Portugal

Reality Sandwich from Japan

The Gulf Stream from Canada

Hacker Blinks from Washington

Go 4 A Walk from Russia

Digitonal from England

Fisch from Utah

Giants from Iowa

Anomaly from Illinois

Sleep Whale from Texas

The Gentlemen Losers from Finland