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02/28/2019: Episode #77, Heartstrings


01/04/2019: Episode #76, Onward



In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Sending Messages contributors share stories of the ups and downs of love and relationships. Original pieces from Silent, Yung Skrrrt, Sapphire, Betty, S.L.S, Lil Pineapple and Quinn. Hosted by Sending Messages contributor Yung Skrrrt. Thanks for listening!


#77: Heartstrings

The new year is a time when people plan for the future, make resolutions, and prepare for change. In this episode of Sending Messages, we bring you a series of pieces where young people discuss the regrets they have, the changes they’ve made in their lives, and the unknowns ahead of them.  Pieces from Sapphire, Four Eyes, Yung Sponge, Cue, and Silent. Hosted by Lil Pineapple. Thanks for listening!

#76: Onward

11/13/2018: Episode #75, Systemic Shift


09/17/2018: Episode #74, Sum and Summation


Utah’s juvenile justice system has gone through a lot of change in the past couple of years. As part of an effort to implement restorative justice practices, our state is trying to lessen the amount of kids in the system by placing those of us struggling with violence, addiction, and mental health issues into treatment instead of incarceration. In celebration of Youth Justice Awareness Month, today’s episode features five pieces about shifts in the system from the perspective of the young people within it.

#75: Systemic Shift

Sending Messages contributors make individual pieces in a process of self reflection, often speaking on their own lives and experiences. Heard together, however, these pieces can paint a broader picture of what young people in the juvenile justice system are going through in general. Today on the podcast, young women housed in facilities and treatment centers around the Salt Lake Valley share their struggles with addiction and social isolation, the hard path toward change, and their visions for their futures.

#74: Sum and Summation

01/20/2018: Episode #73, The “In” Crowd


10/30/2017: Episode #72, In Transition


Utah is a unique actor in the movement toward restorative justice. While being a conservative hub, we’ve been working toward reform in ways that inspire efforts around the country. Nonetheless, many of the young people who contribute to Sending Messages have been in and out of the system for much of their lives. On this episode of Sending Messages, stories from BG, P. City, N. and Bru the Mac, reflecting on their paths to incarceration and considering how different resources and responses to their behavior in the past could have impacted the present. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

#73: The “In” Crowd

Living is a series of transitions. Today on the episode we bring you seven stories about changes in scenery, loss of loved ones, new perspectives and broadened horizons. Pieces from Y.T. Swizz, Harles, Bucks, Fozzy, P.City, Kode Ice, and Cash. Hosted by Sending Messages contributor BG. Thanks for listening!

#72: In Transition

8/31/2017: Episode #71, Pay Day


5/30/2017: Episode #70, Shorts 2017



Money makes the world go ’round. But when you’re left out of rotation, what are you willing to do to get in on the goods? On this episode of Sending Messages, five pieces from Y.T. Swizz, Shotsky, B.G., P. City, and Bucks sharing about how the pursuit of money has made them do their worst and influenced them to work for the better. Hosted by B.G. Thanks for listening!

#71: Pay Day


One of the exercises that begins every session of Sending Messages is the challenge for participants to bust out a short piece of original media; a poem, a stream of consciousness, a simple response to an open-ended prompt, a letter they could never send. Today on Sending Messages, a collection of the first short pieces created by residents in Utah’s secure care facilities, from conception to edited audio. Hosted by Wasatch Youth Center resident P. City. Thanks for listening!

#70: Shorts 2017

4/13/2017: Episode #69, Angels and Demons


2/28/2017: #68, Lift Us Up, Don’t Push Us Out


Angels and demons; the battle between good and evil, the choice between the good and the bad. Today on Sending Messages teens at Decker Lake Youth Center share stories of their saviors and explore the causes of their sorrows. Pieces from Junior, Smasher, Kash Money Kellz, Sebas and G. Money. Hosted by Junior. Thanks for listening!

#69: Angels and Demons

Every year, Dignity in Schools runs a campaign to raise awareness around school push out, educational disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts youth of color, the endemically poor, and youth living with physical and developmental challenges. On this episode, five young men from Wasatch Youth Center share their experiences in the education system, and the challenges that led them to end up in the justice system instead of in high school and college. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

#68: Lift Us Up, Don’t Push Us Out

11/15/16: Episode #67, The Struggle


8/9/2016: Episode #66, Girl Talk


From the pain of losing loved ones to difficult choices between new beginnings and falling into their old ways, Greeno, Spider, YT Swizz, Scarecrow, DK and Devo explore the myriad struggles they’ve experienced in their young lives. Hosted by Greeno. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

#66: The Struggle

As part of our Adobe sponsored Move the Dial  initiative, Sending Messages is proud to present “Girl Talk”, stories from five female creators talking about the broad and complex topic of sexism from the unique perspective of girls housed in Utah’s juvenile secure care facilities. Pieces from Belle, K., Kaylee Jay, Lil Bit and MiKayla. Hosted by Sending Messages mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

#65: Girl Talk

6/28/2016: Episode #65, Altered


6/1/2016: Episode #64, Behind Doors


On today’s episode of Sending Messages, youth at Wasatch and Farmington Bay Youth Centers share pieces about new perspectives, mind altering substances, and lives changed. Original poetry and narratives from Josie, K., N., Tosh, and Ceda. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Special thanks to Bonnie Shaw for allowing us to showcase the great writing workshopping she’s doing with youth in Utah’s facilities. Enjoy!

#65: Altered

Doors are double sided, both gateways and barriers. Today on the Behind Doors episode of Sending Messages, pieces from Renatra Qo, S., C-DUB, Ceda, Brittney Fallon and Tiny P. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!
#64: Behind Closed Doors

4/4/2016: Episode #63, Misconceptions


3/17/2016: Episode #62, Heroes


2/8/2016: Episode #61, Family

EH 5014P
The Clarence E. Hemingway family, Oak Park, Illinois, ca. 1917. L-R: Dr. C. E. Hemingway, Carol, Grace Hall Hemingway, Ernest, Leicester, Ursula, Sunny, Marcelline. Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

This episode, Spy Hop travelled to the Southwest Youth Center in Cedar City to hear from students there. The seven residents created a podcast about the misconceptions facing youth in secure care. Stories and poems from Kode Ice, The Lone Legionnaire, P.S., Daytona Kid, Batman & Robin and Magnum PA. Spy Hop instructor Jana Davis hosts this episode. Thanks for listening!

#63 Misconceptions

Sending Messages presents Heroes 2016. Stories from The Architect, C-DUB, Ra, and others exploring the imaginary and real life individuals who inspire us to live at our best even in the worst of times. This episode was created in partnership with Denver Olmstead, an adjunct professor from the Art Institute. Hosted by Gabriella Huggins, a Sending Messages mentor. Thanks for listening!

Heroes 2016

Family is an important theme for the young people in Salt Lake’s secure care facilities. The boys at Wasatch Youth Center share stories about their families in this episode of Sending Messages. TJ hosts an episode with pieces created by Tiny, C-DUB, Ra, Cope, and Brittney Fallon. Thanks for listening!

Family 2016

10/31/2015: Episode #60, Halloween 2015


10/30/2015: Episode #59, How Did I Get To This Point?

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.54.23 PM

9/24/2015: Episode #58, Masks


The boys at Decker Lake want to wish you a happy Halloween! Today on the podcast, Family First, Too Tall, Chinese, Kid Retro, and Lil’ Jockey bring you spooky songs and stories to celebrate Halloween 2015. Hosted by Crome. Thanks for listening. Halloween 2015

Two series of interviews with incarcerated youth. One focused on the school to prison pipeline and the effects of school push out. The other looking at the psychological and physical effects of shackling youth offenders for their court hearings. Thanks for listening. How Did I Get To This Place?

At times in our lives, we all wear masks. Sometimes to try and hide from reality. Sometimes to pretend to be something we are not. This week, we hear about those masks from V, Scooby, The Warrior, Verse, Trey and more. Hosted this week by Little Jockey. Thanks for listening. Masks

8/20/2015: Episode #57, The Streets


8/17/2015: Episode #56, Family

Sisters Ollie, (Celine, photographer) Thersa Marie, Renee and Helene, Jan 1988

4/28/2015: Episode #55, Memories


This week on Sending Messages, we bring you four stories about the streets, a common ground for young people searching for glory and status, an arena that often fosters struggle and regret. Listen to original pieces from Verse, Trey, The Woman, and Rico. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening! The Streets

Today, we explore the idea of family, the bonds we are born into and create, the people to whom we are attached and often have no choice but to be attached to. Hear stories from Guero, Shaggy, Jude, Rico, Tunes, and Forgiven on this episode. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening! Family

They are the things that shape us. That frame our perspective of the world. Our memories. This episode, join Pallance as he takes you through several pieces, some funny, some sad. Poetry, interviews and narrative by Sotia, Shadow, The Architect, Eagle, Verse, Tunes and more. Thanks for listening! Memories

2/14/2015: Episode #54, Valentine’s Day 2015


2/2/2015: Episode #53, How to Forgive


12/20/2014: Episode #52, Christmas 2014


This episode, the guys want to talk about the love we give and the love that is given to us. It’s the Valentines Day episode! Join Lil’ Skimpy, Oxygen, Pallance, Tunes, Ghost and more. Hosted by Diefy. Thanks for listening! Valentines Day 2015

In our lives, often we need to ask for forgiveness, and we need to give it to others. Everyone has been on both sides of that act. This episode, we take a look at those stories. Pieces by Trial By Tears, Alias, Chance, Vanished, Snow, Sotia, Low Key, V, and Oxygen. Music by Risky & The Hatter as well as a song by Lil’ Skimpy. Hosted by Defy. Thanks for listening. How To Forgive

Happy Holidays! This episode we bring you stories from Defy, Tortuga, Ghost, Cam, Blackford and more. New Years resolutions, poetry and Christmas memories. Thanks for listening! See you next year. Christmas 2014

11/30/2014: Episode #51, Choices


10/30/2014: Episode #50, Halloween 2014


8/20/2014: Episode #49, Betrayal


This episode is all about the choices we have to make in our lives. How to decide and what the reprocussions of those decisions might be. Stories from SLS, Lyric, Pee Wee, The Architect, and Hope. This episode is hosted by Tortuga. Thanks for listening! #51 – Choices

Happy Halloween Everyone! This episode we take a look at legends and folklore, choosing legends that help explain the struggles we have gone through. Stories from JZapp, Defy, Ghost, Sotia, Blackford, an interview with Pallance and a song from Oxygen. Thanks for listening! #50 – Halloween 2014

This episode is all about the two faced, the back stabbing, the loss of trust and belief. Betrayal. How it happens and what it does to us when we experience it. Stories, music and poetry this episode by V, Tiger, Majors, Chance, Lyric, Scarecrow, Spark Of Courage and more. Hosted by Blackford. Thanks for listening. #49 – Betrayal

7/30/2014: Episode #48, Without a Map


6/12/2014: Episode #47, Short Stories


3/23/2014: Episode #46, Broken


At times in our lives, we aren’t given a path that makes sense. We are forced to move along and try to make the best choices we can. Risky, Ozo, Chance, Shadow, Rocky, the Architect, Outcast, Jhop and more. Stories about striving to make the right decisions, and what happens when we relapse, and get lost. This episode is hosted by Blackford. Thanks for listening. #48 – Without A Map

This episode, the Sending Messages contributors bring fictional stories they created specifically for this episode. Shadow, Anomaly, Jay Genuine, S.L.S., Tiger, Vanished and more bring you original stories of loss, hope, humor and more. Hosted by Majors. #47 – Short Stories

At times in our lives, we have all felt shattered. Our lives broken into pieces. In this episode, we tackle what this feels like, and how to try and repair ourselves. Stories and poetry by the Architect, V, Zeak, Risky, Anonymous, Shadow and more. Hosted by Blackford. Thanks for downloading! #46 – Broken

2/27/2014: Episode #45, The Object Lesson 2014


1/16/2014: Episode #44, Affluenza


12/17/2013: Episode #43, Christmas 2013


This episode is called Object Lessons. Each piece is written from the perspective of an object that the author chose. Some of these are everyday objects, while others may be specific to experiences that residents have had. What can we learn from the things that these objects have seen, or felt? Stories from Jay Genuine, JHop, Shadow, Snow, Zeak, Angel, Lyric and Majors. Hosted by Hope. Thanks for downloading! The Object Lesson 2014

Can success and wealth be a disease? The contributors at Sending Messages put the theory under the microscope. See what they discover. Pieces by Yroc, Bryte, Ozo, Rydl, Dream, MT and more. Episode #44 – Affluenza

Happy Holidays everyone! This year, the Sending Messages crew brings you stories of being locked up and missing family and loved ones from Logic, Bryte, and Dream. Also, funny plays and narratives from well known Christmas characters brought to you by Angel, Trial By Tears and Mighty Apex. Finally, a brand new holiday themed song from our hosts this episode, Rydl and Yroc. Thanks for listening! See you next year. Episode #43 – Christmas 2013

12/11/2013: Episode #42, Cages


11/11/2013: Episode #41, Building


10/30/2013: Episode #40, Halloween 2013


The world is full of cages. Places made to hold someone or something. Sometimes these cages are easy to recognize, but often times, we don’t know we are in them  until we try to break free. And then, the escape can be difficult. With stories from Alesana, the Architect, Troy, Vicious, Slim, Mizz Dre, and Mr. Nice Guy. Hosted by Rydl. Thanks for downloading! Episode #42 – Cages

This episode is all about building. Building dreams, setting goals, creating new paths and foundations to achieve something new. Stories this episode from JHop, The Architect, RYDL, Rocky, Angel and more. Hosted by Yroc. Thanks for listening. Episode #41 – Building

Happy Halloween! This episode, we hear about legends and stories all having to do with this spooky holiday. Contributions this month from Angel, Global, Logic, Troy and more. Hosted by Riddle. Thanks for downloading and go to sendingmessages.org for more episodes! Episode #40 Halloween 2013

9/30/2013: Episode #39, Memories


7/4/2013: Episode #38, Freedom 2013


6/25/2013: Episode #37, Buried & Forgotten


This episode, we look at memories. For many in lockup, memories can be a painful thing, when we sit and reminisce about the mistakes we have made, and the choices that hurt others. But memories can also be a release, a way to calm our minds, and heal. We hear stories from KBone, Logic, Mizz Dre, Trial By Tears, and a song from The Hatter. Hosted by The Architect. Thanks for downloading! Episode #39 – Memories

What does freedom really mean? Are any of us truly free? At times it can be considered a positive thing, but sometimes too much freedom can lead someone to commit crimes, to lack respect for laws, and in turn, lose their freedom all together. Stories this episode from The Scarecrow, Mr. 206, Anomaly and The Hatter, JHop, Risky, Chance, Joe, The Architect, Global and more. Hosted by Zeak. Thanks for listening. Episode #38 – Freedom 2013

Often times the experiences we have had are better left in the dark corners of our mind. Sometimes the things we have experienced can be too ugly or too unbelievable. We would rather keep them buried and forgotten. This week, stories from Risky, Calligraphy, Zeak, The Architect, Lyric and Trial By Tears. Hosted by The Outcast. Thanks for listening. Episode #37 – Buried & Forgotten

5/12/2013: Episode #36, Motherhood 2013


5/2/2013: Episode #35, Short Stories


3/27/2013: Episode #34, Loyalty


This episode, all the stories are about mothers. Those who stayed, those who left, and those that were never meant to be. Poems and stories from Logic,Chance, Suny, Tank, Alias, Anomaly Risky 1 and more. Hosted by Rocket. Thanks for downloading! Episode #36 – Motherhood 2013

We wrote 23 stories, all under a minute long. Personal stories about regret, poems about love, letters to those who have passed on. Radio plays about the end of the world, songs about incarceration, aliens, monsters, ghosts, and things you would have to hear to believe. Listen to the Sending Messages crew go wild on this one. Episode #35 – Short Stories

Loyalty is a bond that is so important. But sometimes, it can also be a trap. This episode, The Architect and Trial By Tears host a series of stories, poems and songs all about loyalty. Stories by C-Low, Gee, Lyric, Illusion Of Reality Lalo and more. Episode #34 – Loyalty

3/5/2013: Episode #33, Trapped


2/5/2012: Episode #32, Overboard

Pearl diver collecting shells from the beds of Torres Strait, Queensland / Frank Hurley

1/13/2013: Episode #31, In Memoriam


Have you ever felt pushed into a situation you cannot get out of? In this episode, the contributors at Sending Messages take a look at several versions of being trapped, both in metaphor and literally. Trial of Tears hosts, and is joined by The Architect, Gee, Anomaly, TC, Chance, and Mr. 206. Episode#33 – Trapped

Have you ever felt like life has given you toomuch to deal with? Or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel? In this episode, hear experiences from students lives like this. With pieces by Mr. 206, The Architect, Chance, Trial By Tears, Lyric, Blackheart and Radd Kidd. Hosted by Illusion Of Reality. Download Episode #32 – Overboard

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Thomas. A loyal friend whose life was cut tragically short only a few weeks ago. Three of the contributors to Sending Messages were friends of Thomas, and wanted to share their thoughts here. Pacman and Franchize share poems, a song, and interviews with Zeke. With special help from Lalo. Hosted by the Architect. Thank you for downloading. Download Episode #31 – In Memoriam

12/24/2012: Episode #30, Christmas 2012


12/5/2012: Episode #29, The Object Lesson


10/30/2012: Episode #28, Halloween 2012


Happy Holidays, everyone! This episode, we are taking a look at the holidays from a whole new perspective. From the ways that commercialism has stolen the true meaning of the holidays to some personal struggles that the contributors have experienced. We will also be exploring some of the strange old traditions from other countries, as well as an anti-suicide psa. Hosted by The Architect, with pieces by Lalo, The Hatter, Illusion of Reality, Neo, Zeak, Trial By Tears, The Warrior, Franchize, Anomaly, Chance, Lyric and more. Hope you enjoy it. Download Episode #30 – Christmas 2012

We take for granted the objects that we use everyday. We never stop to think about where they come from, or what perspective they would have of the life they live. This episode is entitled Object Lessons. Each piece today is written from the perspective of a particular object. Some are everyday objects, while others may be specific to the experiences residents have had either before their incarceration, or while in secure care. Stories from Zeak, The Architect, KBone, Lyric, TANK, Yours Truly, Spark Of Courage, Low Key, The Street Lawyer, Illusion Of Reality and Rocky. This episode is hosted by Viscious.  Thanks for downloading! Download Episode #29 – The Object Lesson

Happy Halloween everybody!  We have a HUGE episode for you this month. Stories about folklore, legend, and myth from The Hatter,Trial by Tears, Street Lawyer, Anomaly, Rocky Lalo, Franchize, Radd Kidd, Lyric, Low Key, The Unknown, Zeak, Mr. 206, KBone, Spark Of Courage and The Architect. Eleven poems, two songs, two stories and a spooky radio play. KBone hosts this episode.  Special thanks to Denver Olmstead. Thanks for downloading. Download Episode #28 – Halloween 2012

10/10/2012: Episode #27, Childhood 2012


8/23/2012: Episode #26, When I Get Out 2012


7/3/2012: Episode #25, Music 2012


Childhood is a time when we learn lessons, and discover the world around us. But the truth is, many of the contributors at Sending Messages had their childhoods taken from them at an early age. Listen to stories this episode by Tank, Rocky, The Unknown, Dee Trill and TC. This episode is hosted by KO. A Warning: This episode contains subject matter that may be disturbing to sensitive listeners. Listener discretion is advised. Download Episode #27 – Childhood 2012

Each of us at Sending Messages  plan, hope, and dream of one day. The day we get out. Getting a chance to experience freedom once more, to see our families, and hear those doors slam behindus. But it isn’t that simple. Once paroled, each of us face new challenges, new obstacles and expectations. How often is the dream we wish to obtain also the most frightening way to fail? In this episode, we try to tackle what that means. What are the hopes, dreams, and fears when we get out? Join KO as he takes us through stories by Rocky, Lil Hulk, TC, Dee Trill, Tank, and others. Thanks for listening. Download Episode #26 – When I Get Out

Music affects us in so many different ways. Some music makes us happy, other music makes us sad, or nostalgic. This episode, the contributors at Sending Messages discuss the music that moves them, and what it is that makes it so important. K-Bone hosts, and brings us pieces by Junior, TC, Jay-L, Taylor and Dubski. Thanks for Downloading, and don’t forget to send feedback! Download Episode #25 – Music 2012

6/4/2012: Episode #24, Seeing the World


5/7/2012: Episode #23, Judgement


3/30/2012: Episode #22, Education


How important is it for us to understand the world around us? To experience other cultures and beliefs? In this episode, the contributors of Sending Messages take a look at the world around us. KBone hosts this episode, and is joined by Lil Man, Wrek, Dan, Ater, and the Unknown. Send us feedback and let us know what you think! Download Episode #24 – Seeing The World

Everyday we pass judgement. We don’t mean to, but it is a natural human reaction.  But what does it mean when we judge? What can we do to try and change the way we see others, or ourselves? This episode, the contributors of Sending Messages bring you true stories, poetry and interviews tackling this subject. TC hosts, and is joined by Tank, Little Man, The Unknown, Gee, Lil Hulk, Rocky and more. Thanks for Downloading. Download Episode #23 – Judgement

This episode, listen to stories about all of the different kinds of education life can give to people. Stories about school, faith, drugs, and even a book review. TC hosts this episode, and is joined by Dee Trill, KO, Self, Alias, Tank and 7-11. Enjoy the show, and be sure to send feedback. Thanks for downloading. Download Episode #22 – Education

2/28/2012: Episode #21, Afterlife


2/1/2012: Episode #20, Redemption


12/24/2011: Episode #19, Christmas 2011


In this episode, you will hear both happy memories and struggles dealing with losing loved ones and how it has impacted the ones left behind. Letters to fathers, brothers, sisters and cousins, this episode has allowed our contributors to say some of the things they didn’t get a chance to when those people were here. TC hosts our episode, and is joined by Jor-El, Junior, Quick, Eagle, Lilman and Slick. Thanks for downloading, and be sure to send us some feedback. Download Episode #21 – Afterlife

This episode of Sending Messages looks at the ways in which you move on from the mistakes in your life. The hard work, faith, and determination that it takes to truly look beyond the struggle, and do something better with yourself. TC hosts this episode, and is joined by Alias, Tank, KO, Eagle and the Voice Behind The Wall. Send us feedback and enjoy the show. Download Episode #20 – Redemption

Happy Holidays, everyone! This episode, Tank is joined by Xman, Jor-El, and Gordo as they look at bizzare holiday traditions from around the world. Then, Indio gives us a slam poetry piece about Christmas, both as an idyllic childhood memory, and the hardships of being in lockup at the holiday season. Junior takes us through several interviews with the staff and residents about their feelings regarding giving and recieving gifts, and finally, Xman and TC take a look at New Year resolutions for the year. Finally, a reprise of last years Christmas song by KO and Young In. Merry Christmas everybody! Download Episode #19 – Christmas 2011

12/7/2011: Episode #18, Saying Goodbye


10/31/2011: Episode #17, Halloween 2011


7/4/2011: Episode #16, Freedom 2011


As you go through life, Different people come and go, and you learn different things from them.  Some people are around your whole life, some momentarily. But no matter what, you have to say goodbye to everybody. This episode, the contributors at Sending Messages look at what that feels like, and how it affects the way we look at relationships. Tank is the host this episode, and he is joined by Alias, Eagle, Lil D, KO, and Jay – L. Send us feedback, and thanks for listening! Download Episode #18 – Saying Goodbye

Happy Halloween everybody! This witching season, our contributors have put together a series of pieces dedicated to the creepy ghouls that haunt your Halloween dreams. Zombies, ghosts, Frankenstein’s Monster, Vampires and Werewolves. We also have two holiday poems, interviews, and a look at the origins of the Grim Reaper. Stories this episode from Gordie, Jay-L, Eagle, Tank, Gee, Junior, Dee Trill and DJ Bronx. Hosted by Tank. Download Episode #17 – Halloween 2011

For this 4th of July episode, we at Sending Messages thought we would explore the concept of freedom. What does it mean to truly be free? What does freedom mean in a corrections facility? Dubski is joined this episode by KO, Magic, Alias, Eagle and Buddy, as well as others. Stories about personal freedom, physical freedom, opression and escape. Download Episode #16 – Freedom 2011

6/15/2011: Episode #15, Father’s Day 2011


5/11/2011: Episode #14, Mother’s Day 2011


5/2/2011: Episode #13, The Interrupters


This week, the contributors at Sending Messages wished to share stories about their experiences with their fathers, the lack of those experiences, and the challenges that many of them face, being fathers now. Dubski is joined by Alias, T Razzy, Eagle, Wrek, Jay L, and KO. These stories are sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting, but always honest. Download Episode #15 – Father’s Day 2011

Happy Mothers Day! This episode is all about the first woman in our lives, our mother. But the experience that our contributors have had ranges from the tragic to the uplifting, and a lot of them in between. Poetry from Taylor and Alias, a slam poetry piece from Yours Truly, music from NMZ, Dan, KO and Dee Thrill, and a letter from Kaylee. To finish it off, an interview with Jailen, Gee, and Jay-L. Dubski hosts this episode, as well as contributing his own acoustic song. Send Us Feedback! Download Episode #14 – Mothers Day 2011

There is a series of violence prevention organizations springing up in gang and drug infested communities all across America. A great number of the people involved in these movements are former gang members and drug dealers. In 2010, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James followed three of these violence ‘interrupters’ through the troubled streets of Chicago, documenting their struggle to end gang violence in their community. This last winter he brought those same three interrupters to the Sundance film festival with him to show the film. This gave the staff at Sending Messages the opportunity to meet them and interview them. Here’s what happened. Download Episode #13 – The Interrupters

2/9/2011: Episode #12, Don’t Be a Fake


2/15/2011: Episode #11, Valentine’s Day 2011


12/23/2010: Episode #10, Christmas 2010


This episode is all about telling the truth, and what happens when you do. Each of the contributors today bring stories about being real. True stories and poetry about addiction, being locked up, making the right decisions and finding your own identity. Our host, Dubski, is joined by The Voice Behind The Wall, Zee, Buddy, Yours Truly and 711. Also, a musical contribution by KO and Young IN about how a persons background can influence their future. Please leave us feedback, and thanks for downloading! Download Episode #12 – Don’t Be A Fake

Happy Valentines Day! This week, join Dubski as he brings us stories about love, romance, or just dissecting the holiday itself with Wrek, Alias, Magic, Eagle, T-Razzy and more. Also, a new song about love and romance from our musical contributors, KO & Young IN. Enjoy! Download Episode #11 – Valentines 2011

Merry Christmas from all of us at Sending Messages. This episode is all about the holidays. Rey brings us some unique perspectives on the season with interviews from Buddy and Jay. There is also a story about trying to catch Santa from Dubski, and a montage of New Years Resolutions and wishes of love from all of our contributors. Also, two new songs, one a guitar original from Dubski, and a new hip hop song from Young In and KO. This episode is hosted by Zee. Download Episode #10 – Christmas 2010

11/17/2010: Episode #9, Mistakes


10/31/2010: Episode #8, Halloween 2010


10/15/2010: Episode #7


Mistakes. Regrets. This week’s show is about the problem that arises when you say or do the wrong thing, and the consequences it brings. Slam poetry from Yours Truly, Music from Young In and KO, stories from Buddy and Andre, and an apology in the form of a poem from Ater. Hosted this week by Rey. Thanks for downloading. Be sure to leave us feedback. Download Episode #9

Happy Halloween everybody! This week, everyone wrote pieces specifically for the holiday. Rey hosts an episode full of spooky and funny stories, a legend of a stone cross hidden deep in the woods, a series of interviews about childhood halloween memories, a radio play about a ghostly woman who haunts children, and a series of conversations about aliens and hauntings. Also, a new horror movie themed hip hop track by KO and Young IN. Stories this week by Dubski, Lil D, Magic, Self, and Wrek. Thanks for listening. Send us feedback! Download Episode #8

This week is hosted by Rey. Stories about addiction, letters to lost loved ones, songs about struggle, and reminders to keep ones self strong. Rey is joined this week by C., KO, Self, MT, NMZ, Magic, and Jose. Please leave feedback. Thanks for listening. Download Episode #7

9/13/2010: Episode #6


8/11/2010: Episode #5


7/22/2010: Episode #4


This week, stories about the loss of identity, memories of childhood and drug abuse, as well as experiments with rap and poetry. Some sad, and others uplifting and hopeful, Sending Messages continues to bring real stories from a real place. Ace is joined this week by Ater, Brandon, Kaylee, Yours Truly and Zee.  Music this week by Idyll Rigamarole and Sleep Whale. Download Episode #6

The show this week is dedicated to one of our classmates who tragically passed away this last month. Rest in peace, Kaylee. Today’s whole show is comprised of interviews compiled and edited together by Rey, all meditations on mortality, and opinions about an afterlife. The interviews feature Rey, Kaylee, Dan and one of the staff here at the facility. As always, hosted by Ace. Music this week by Digitonal and Winter North Atlantic. Download Episode #5

This week, stories about the hardships of family relationships, the different concepts of strength, wishing for a regular high school experience, and two tales of the horrors of addiction. As always, hosted by Ace, with music by Malevolent MC and Joel Brown. Download Episode #4

7/6/2010: Episode #3


6/22/2010: Episode #2


6/10/2010: Episode #1


This week features a story about a friend’s tragedy, a poem about saying goodbye, a story about a nightmare, and two letters, one into the past, and the other into the future. Ace is joined by Sam, Dan, Ater, Taylor, and Andre. Music by Heterodactyl and Eliza Sharon. Download Episode #3

Episode two is now available. This week Ace is joined by stories from Taylor, Brandon, Sam, Yours Truly, and Kaylee. Music this week by Digitonal and Orion Chacon Hurst. Download Episode #2.

The debut episode of the Sending Messages podcast, hosted by Ace, contains stories by Rey, Dan, Sam, Taylor, and Jose.  Music by The Direction and Sam Burton. Download Episode #1