Art From The Heart: Murals to GIFS

Ages 13 - 14

Monday - Friday | 9AM - 3:30PM

July 18, 2022 - July 22, 2022


Work with your creative mind and your crafty hands in this artsy camp. In the morning, you will work on large-scale mural paintings and collages using images you create or find. In the afternoon you will learn about computer animation and GIF creation and learn to use Adobe software. It’s the best of both worlds in this visual arts-style camp.

Drop-off: Mana Academy 8:30 – 9:00 am
The camp will be held at: Spy Hop’s Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center

Transportation will be provided back to Mana Academy for campers who are not enrolled in Extended CareThe Spy Hop van will leave at 3:30, campers will be arriving at Mana Academy around 3:45.