News Flash: Stop Motion Commotion!

Ages 9 - 12

Monday - Friday | 9AM - 3:30PM

August 1, 2022 - August 5, 2022

$75 – $315

There’s almost TOO MUCH fun to have in this inventive camp! Start each day by building your own miniature characters and sets from Legos, paper, clay, or even toys from home, then bring it all to life using stop-motion film techniques, and your own storylines straight from your brain. Then, create your own weird and wild newscast from scratch. Will you interview a dog? Will dinosaurs roam the streets of Utah? We all await the news report from YOU! Learn all kinds of camera and editing techniques in this week-long feast of film.

Location: Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center


News Flash: Stop Motion Commotion!