Phase 2 Skill Lab


Drop in Style


January 20 - May 19, 2023


Fridays from 3 - 6 PM




Ages 14 - 25



About this class

Every Friday Phase 2 offers a drop-in style class for you to hone your creative and technical skills in a supportive and fun environment.

These free Phase 2 Skill Lab sessions are open to Spy Hop students, alumni, and friends who want to learn and practice with gear, meet other young creatives, and hang out with the Phase 2 team. This is your chance to hone your creative and technical skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Take advantage of the camera and lenses, gimbal and tripods, and a suite of lighting equipment in the sound stage to experiment with different setups — from mock interviews to shot recreations and more — using people or puppets as your subjects! If audio is your thing (or you think it might be) and you want to learn or practice how to run both boom and lavalier microphones, this is the place to be.

Plus, those who participate in the Skill Lab become eligible for hire on future Phase 2 productions.

Phase 2 is a collective of young creatives and industry professionals that produces high-quality media while providing supportive pathways and community for a new generation of media makers to thrive.

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