Discover Spy Hop’s Youth Media Arts Center

Our new youth media arts center will be a place for exploration of story, identity, interests, and dreams. A place where peers and mentors collaborate in a supportive and structured environment. A place our community can call its own.

Spy Hop’s center will increase our capacity to grow its programs, serve more students and provide Spy Hop the capacity to reach every school statewide. It will enable Spy Hop’s social enterprise, Phase 2 Productions, to scale its operations, providing a growth in earned income for Spy Hop. Finally, it will provide economic and cultural vitality to the Central Ninth neighborhood, serve as a community resource for other organizations, and enable Spy Hop to host program and community events in the rooftop event space.

Project Overview

Campaign Goal: $10,000,000

Youth Media Arts Center: 3 story, 22,000 sq. feet LEED Silver Design

Architect: Atlas Architects

Builder: Okland Construction

Location: 208 West 900 South – Central Ninth Neighborhood, Salt Lake City

Timeline: Construction began August 2019. Estimated completion August 2020

State-of-the-Art Educational Spaces Designed with the Student Experience in Mind

We are a truly unique organization, a place that has successfully mixed a formula of one-part education, two parts media, and three parts empowerment to create a total youth media experience.

Part of the success of Spy Hop’s model is attributed to students feeling ownership and pride in the studios and music labs where their creativity is nurtured. Our new dynamic studio environment has been designed to include everything from a soundstage, to editing bays, to an electronic music lab with an attached recording studio to give students access to high-quality equipment and the space they need to see a project to completion.

Students enter the doors of Spy Hop understanding that the space is uniquely for them to explore the issues and concerns that are relevant and meaningful to their lives.


  • One soundstage for film productions with attached prop storage
  • One large recording studio with 2 vocal booths and a control room
  • One electronic music lab attached to the recording studio for beatmaking and electronic music classes
  • One student lounge, a space that students can call their own to relax and collaborate
  • One rooftop event space to showcase, premiere, and celebrate student work and serve as a community gathering space

Spy Hop Cares About the Environment

Spy Hop’s new facility has been designed from the outset with sustainability as a primary goal. It is important to Spy Hop that we to do our part to ensure that our programming is available for future generations by investing in sustainable design and build for our permanent home. It is equally important to Spy Hop that we model environmentally sustainable practices to our students and community.


  • LEED Silver equivalent design
  • The building’s south facing windows and glazed walls are shaded by deep building insets to reduce heat gain in summer but allow solar access in winter
  • Operable windows will be used wherever possible to passively take advantage of cool outside air and ventilation
  • Spy Hop is using high recycled content building materials and low VOC building materials to protect indoor air quality
  • An HVAC system that uses cool outside air when available to provide free cooling
  • Through a partnership with Blue Sky Energy, Spy Hop will be installing solar panels on the roof to offset approximately 25% of energy costs.

Why Spy Hop is Choosing the Central Ninth Neighborhood

It is directly across the street from a Trax stop that services all three Trax lines, making it extremely convenient for Spy Hop students to get to our facilities.

Additionally, core to Spy Hop’s mission is working to narrow the digital divide in underserved communities. As such, Spy Hop serves young people who otherwise would not have access to technology, digital literacy, and high-quality afterschool arts programming. Although close to downtown, Central Ninth is one of the City’s most underserved neighborhoods. Being located within the Central Ninth Neighborhood creates easy access and limit the barriers faced by young people who need Spy Hop’s programming the most.

Spy Hop will be a beacon of community and creativity embedded within the Central Ninth Neighborhood. We want to be the catalyst and the driver of building a community we are proud to be a part of that is fostering a love for the arts, creativity, youth voice, and cultural diversity.

Spy Hop envisions a place of Creative Community Building

Spy Hop has realized a bold vision of providing education, empowerment, and opportunity through creative media arts to propel our students toward far-reaching personal and professional trajectories. We have no greater purpose, or joy, than developing an enduring passion for inquiry and creativity among the thousands of students our programs serve.

The Spy Hop experience blurs the lines of differentiation. At Spy Hop, ‘other’ does not exist. The students we serve come from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together you that would otherwise not interact in everyday life, we create equality and unity by providing a spectrum of self-expression opportunities. We engage our students on a universal level, no matter what circumstances they come from. At Spy Hop we blur the lines that divide us, in order to build a creative community that will unify and strengthen us.

The Spy Hop Youth Media Arts Center will be a place for exploration of story, identity, interests, and dreams. Our building will be a place where peers and mentors will collaborate in a supportive and structured environment. Our building will be a place our community can call its own.With your help we can realize our goal of creating and celebrating an expanded hub of creativity, learning, and inspiration for all members of our community.

Detailed Floor Plans

Level one highlight: Phase 2 Productions – Spy Hop’s alumni-run professional video production company. And, a beautiful recording studio with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto 900 south.

Level two highlight: Media Lab – A 2,000 ft computer lab housed within the new facility providing young people with state-of-the-art learning spaces and equipment.

Level three highlight: The Rooftop – a rooftop community event and performance venue.