Youth Action Council

Youth Action Council

The Spy Hop Youth Action Council is the voice of Spy Hop’s participants. The Council advocates for youth by working with the leadership of Spy Hop and by involving other young people in the program. Spy Hop Youth Action Council meets monthly from September through August. Spy Hop Youth Action Council members interact with Spy Hop students, staff and board of trustees.

What is the commitment?

All Spy Hop Youth Action Council members commit to 3 hours per month for 12 months. The time will be spent participating in monthly Spy Hop Youth Action Council meetings, helping with Spy Hop events, providing feedback on Spy Hop programs and assisting with outreach and production of Spy Hop materials.

All members must be consistent attendees at meetings and participate in a minimum of two Spy Hop events.

Spy Hop Youth Action Council members are leaders in the community and in the organization.

What exactly does the Spy Hop Youth Action Council do?

• Meet once a month to address current Spy Hop issues

• Serves as key advisors to the Board of Trustees and Spy Hop staff

• Applies for youth grants and raises money for special projects

• Facilitates special workshops at Spy Hop

• Creates promotional videos, apps and other materials

• Serves as a team to promote events

• Helps to gain critical leadership, project management and vocational skills

How do I apply?

1) Applications are now closed

When does the Youth Action Council meet?

The Council will meet the first Friday of every month at 4pm.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this?

Please contact Spy Hop’s Program Director, Matt Mateus, with any questions. You can email him at or call him at (801) 532-7500.

*Participation in the Youth Action Council is only open to past and current Spy Hop Students.

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