7:30 – 9:00 PM


Conceived in 2001 as an innovative way of uniting talented and passionate young filmmakers with real production resources, PitchNic allows experienced student filmmakers access to the funds, equipment and professional mentorship needed to create top-caliber films. PitchNic films have screened at over 30 festivals internationally, including Sundance Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Festival. On April 24, at Spy Hop’s Annual Benefit, the 2014 PitchNic students “pitched” their film to the public.  They were all fully funded (BIG thanks to everyone who supported them!) and the students spent the summer shooting and editing their films. They are now ready to premiere them and you don’t want to miss it!

Are you a high school teacher or principal? Bring your class or school to a special FREE high school screening on November 6th at 8:30am. Click here for more information.

“The youth produced films you will see at PitchNic are original, authentic, illuminating and inspiring. Anyone who cares about film, is a member of the industry, or has a teenage child should come. It is an invitation for conversation, inspiration and a look at what is possible when young people come together to collaborate and narrate their future.” – Geralyn Dreyfous, Founder of the Utah Film Center and Impact Partners, and longtime supporter of Spy Hop.


Cream Puff

(David Jenny, AJ Bull, Kyle Gregerson, & Sam Clarke) Bryce Parker is a self-effacing, closeted homosexual teen. When he befriends Nathan, his confidently gay classmate, his ambition to come out is triggered but before he can, he must first get over his fear of what others will say. Watch The Trailer  


Return With Honor

(Madi Palmer, Ryann Beeler & Lauren Finlinson) In the LDS faith, going on a mission is seen as a rite of passage. Return with Honor tells the story of a missionary whose service was cut short due to mental illness. This personal story reflects on the emotions and experience of a life-changing service, and explores the struggle with coming home early. Watch The Trailer  


Going Mad

(George Metos, Alex Gruneich, Daela Tipton, & Elizabeth Curland) Going Mad is an experimental rock musical where the main character, Alistair, is committed into a mental institution. It is here that he will ultimately begin questioning his reality and the existence of his fellow patients. Watch The Trailer


Chasing Death

(Abby Pincock-Christiansen, Amber Rose Dwyer & Sydney N. Cahoon) We seek it through religion, psychic mediums, Ouiji Boards, and high tech paranormal investigations. There are believers and skeptics, but no one really knows the truth about life after death. Chasing Death follows three teens on their journey to understand the psychology behind the cultural obsession with death. Watch The Trailer

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