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PitchNic Premiere


An Amazing Night!  Thank you to everyone who came to support youth filmmakers!!

The youth produced films you will see at PitchNic are original, authentic, illuminating and inspiring. Anyone who cares about film, is a member of the industry, or has a teenage child should come. It is an invitation for conversation, inspiration and a look at what is possible when young people come together to collaborate and narrate their future. - Geralyn Dreyfous, Founder of the Utah Film Center and Impact Partners, and longtime supporter of Spy Hop.

On May 16, at Spy Hop’s Annual Benefit, PitchNic students pitched their film to the public.  They were all fully funded (BIG thanks to everyone who supported them!) and the students spent the summer shooting and editing their films. 


PitchNic 2013, In Extremity; Hope is the thing with feathers(Nick Markham, Kenya Cramer and Alec Lyons)  Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers”. In Extremity follows Detective Mcllroy as he attempts to uncover the mysterious death of multi-millionaire playboy Ethan Wells. By the end, however, Mcllroy will have discovered a secret life of Ethan’s that will completely alter the course of his investigation.



PitchNic 2013, Almost Magic(Mickey Randle, Matt Merrill and Laura Delaney)  Quidditch is a sport created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter books, but you’l find no flying broomsticks or wizards here. “Muggle Quidditch” is a co-ed, often rough and very real sport played around the world and at the University of Utah. Almost Magic follows the dedicated and passionate team at the U on their journey to qualify for the 2013 World Cup.



PitchNic 2013, Remedy(Zachary Mills, Keaton McQuarrie and Alec Lyons)  A snake oil salesman arrives at a mining camp on the verge of collapse in the Old West. His next scheme is to profit off the weak and sick miners that still inhabit the camp. He comes disguised as their savior to remedy them of their tragic sickness. But in the end, it is he who may need saving.



Understated(Gabriella Huggins, Mary Elizabeth Morgan and Ola Yungai)  Is it a term of camaraderie, a slang toward reclamation, or a phrase to be remembered in infamy? As the perception of the “N-word” changes among young people today, what is happening to our connections to the past and our perceptions of race as we move forward? understated, overstepped is a film about the crossing of cultural boundaries and how youth are redefining ideas of race today.



Conceived in 2001 as an innovative way of uniting talented and passionate young filmmakers with real production resources, PitchNic allows experienced student filmmakers access to the funds, equipment, and professional mentorship needed to create top-caliber films.

Spy Hop’s award winning year-long film class is the next step in your creative and technical film pursuits. Spend a year with 5 other passionate, experienced, creative teens to write, shoot and edit a 20 minute film.

Broken into two groups, documentary and narrative, each student spends time working on story ideas and then pitches them to a panel of film professionals. The winning six pitches advance to the final round and are narrowed down to four final films by the class. Each film is created by a team of three; a director, producer and cinematographer. The rest of the class is spent learning first-hand how to create a professional-caliber film.

PitchNic films have screened at over 30 festivals internationally, including the Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles International Film Festival, Westport Youth Film Festival, and CineYouth Film Festival.

Many thanks to our fabulous sponsors