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Spy Hop Tuition & Inclusion Policy

All students are responsible for paying tuition for classes at Spy Hop Productions on or before the first day of class. Once you register, you are officially enrolled and committed to attend class. 

Tuition assistance is available for all of Spy Hop’s programs on a first come, first-served basis. To apply for tuition assistance please contact Celia Boyle at or phone: 801 532-7500. 

Spy Hop exists as a vehicle for youth to engage in their communities and tell their stories through the use of digital media. We believe that all young people should have this opportunity, without any barriers. If the tuition for any of Spy Hop’s programs is preventing you or your child from participating, please contact us directly and we will work with you to find a solution.

Refund Policy

Refunds on tuition will be made up to 5 days prior to the first day of class. No refunds will be au- thorized after that time, including prorated funds for partial attendance. If you have extenuating circumstances beyond Parent or Student control, please contact us at the number below. 

Spy Hop Productions reserves the right to drop a student for failure to pay tuition. 

If you require further assistance or have questions please contact Jeremy Chatelain or Celia Boyle at (801) 532-7500. 

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