Phase 2 Productions

Phase 2 is a collective of young creatives and industry professionals that produces high-quality media while providing supportive pathways and community for a new generation of media makers to thrive.

We envision a future where Spy Hop graduates are leaders within a vast creative community and a diverse and equitable media industry in Utah.

Hire Phase 2 Productions

As a full service production studio in Salt Lake City, we produce professional video and creative content from promotional, commercial, PSA, educational and training videos to social media campaigns to design projects to crew for short and feature-length narrative and documentary film projects.

We work with you through pre-production, production and post-production to develop an engaging concept and deliver a product that will engage and inspire your customers and communities.

By hiring Phase 2, you are not only making a creative investment in your organization or business – you are also investing in the next generation of creatives. 

Phase 2 provides training, support and opportunities for current students and alumni of Spy Hop programs who are pursuing careers as artists and media makers and seeking professional experience. As we mentor them through real-world production, they get to share their voice, hone their skills, develop a portfolio, build confidence, and find their place in a creative community.

Lastly, all of the revenue generated from Phase 2 goes directly into Spy Hop programming, further supporting the pathway for young creatives.

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Ballet West – Cinderella

About the Phase 2 Collective

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