Spy Hop In Action

Have you ever wondered what goes on in Spy Hop classes? This blog is your window into what goes on behind the scenes, to see the magic happen, to see Spy Hop mentors and students in action!

Ableton @ Spy Hop

We had the awesome privilege of having Serafin Sanchez from Ableton stop by Spy Hop to do a private beatmaking workshop with some of our students a…

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Class Combo

Today the Pro Tools Media Lab students are recording the Woodshedding students’ songs. This kind of synergy is a perfect example of what we do at…

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Prayasam Visit

Last week, we had visitors from Salt Lake City, India in the studio. Prayasam is a youth media organization, a fellow Adobe Creative Catalyst. The…

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Spy Hop @ SheTech

Spy Hop is at SheTech today celebrating women in tech fields! Our design mentors are teaching classes and a few more of us are talking to 2000 high…

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UMOCA Out Loud project

Spy Hop and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art collaborated for the Out Loud workshop taught at UMOCA by a former Spy Hop student.  

Out Loud is…

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Animation Media Lab

Simple Shapes, Character Design

In our latest Animation Media Lab each student is developing their character. Once a student designs a character,…

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Party Time!

This afternoon Jana gathered a bunch of students to chat about this Friday’s party! A majority of our students hear about Spy Hop from their friends…

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Our new songwriting program, Woodshedding, is moving right along. We’re in the process of learning about recording songs that we’ve been…

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Ball with tail

Another classic animation test is ball and tail.  In Power Up we are adding more principles of animations to the students’ tool box.  Keep an eye…

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Green Screenin’

The Green Screen Media Lab is nearing its end and the students are adding the final touches to their backgrounds in Adobe After Effects for their…

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Tuesday was the first day of the Digital Animation Media Lab!
We learned about Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston’s 12 Principles of Animation.  We…

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Game minimalism

Games should be fun. So before we add all the visuals and animations to the game we test with simple shapes. If the game functions and is fun…

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