In-School Arts Programs (POPS)


Spy Hop's In School Programs

As part of Utah’s Professional Outreach Programs in Schools (POPS), Spy Hop provides these in-school and digital learning resources to young students to help them to find their voice, tell their stories, and effect positive change in their lives, communities, and the World. From in-school assemblies, intensives, and workshops, to on-demand learning videos, discover how you can inspire young learners to explore exciting career possibilities in the media arts!

Media Arts Assemblies

Spy Hop’s Artist Mentors perform a 60-minute interactive assembly to a grade level or an entire school. The assembly introduces students to media arts concepts that are tied to Utah Core Standards through an interactive experience that includes student participation. Students explore media as a tool to express their ideas and tell their stories using film, music, or design. Students will also learn about career opportunities in the media arts and access to additional free afterschool programming at Spy Hop.

The assembly offers a hands-on immersive experience for students, putting together multiple areas of discipline in a fast and fun format while also developing 21st Century skills. 

Intensive Workshops

These STEAM based media arts Intensives introduce smaller groups of students (single class) to professional audio, design, animation, film production, and more! The goal for each student is to produce a completed piece of media by the end of the workshop. Spy Hop’s Artist Mentors work closely with teachers throughout the workshop to produce unique experiences that are tailored to the curriculum and thematic needs of the class. These intensives are offered for grades 5 and above and are typically comprised of 3 to 4 one-hour-long sessions. Student’s work will be shared publicly online, and students are given the opportunity to showcase and curate their projects.

These workshops are fun and engaging programs that produce a variety of experiences and finished media arts projects for students and teachers. 

Intensive Workshop Options

Follow-Along Video Tutorials: Spy Hop Art Shop

The Spy Hop Art Shop provides on-demand, video based learning series for in-class, hands-on STEAM based art projects. As part of Utah’s Professional Outreach Programs in Schools (POPS), Spy Hop provides these digital learning resources to young students to help them to find their voice, tell their stories, and effect positive change in their lives, communities, and the World. 

Our Artist Mentors have created easy to follow videos, project guides and handouts that guide teachers and students through every step needed to make cool stuff! Series are broken down into digestible modules or projects all within a wider area of discovery (audio production, game design, film, etc.). 

Share your projects with our team via email ( or tag us #spyhopartshop to receive feedback and digital “high-fives.”

Tabling and Outreach in Your School

Schedule an Outreach Day and invite Spy Hop Artist Mentors to visit your class or school to share upcoming opportunities available for students to participate in Spy Hop programs. 

These outreach opportunities are 30 minutes – 2 hours in duration. 

Career Awareness Presentations (CAP)

Spy Hop’s Artist Mentors present what it takes to work as a media artist and all the hats necessary to make it a reality! Artist Mentors introduce small groups of students (single class) to their personal journey in their art medium plus lessons and advice on how to navigate the road and obstacles many creatives face as professionals. Students get the opportunity to ask questions and dig into the experiences and expertise of our Artist Mentors. These presentations are offered for grades 8 and above for a single classroom of students. Presentations are 20-30 minutes long, with 10-15 minutes of Q&A to wrap up the presentation.

These presentations are a fun, informative and enlightening experiences for students curious about the media arts. 

Teaching the Spy Hop Way

Back in 2020 Spy Hop participated in the Utah Education Network’s Reimagine Teaching Program for teachers across the state of Utah. While the program ended December 1, 2020, the resources from the program have been curated by organization in their Reimagine Teaching eMedia hub. The collections in this hub include workshops, webinars, lessons, activities, and videos from trusted organizations. The purpose of this hub is to help educators improve teaching and learning in an online and blended environment.

The Reimagine Teaching program was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a technology professional learning program for Utah educators created to support them and recognize them for their additional work under unusual circumstances. The program helped educators gear up with technology skills, adapt strategies, and craft new approaches. To check out Spy Hop’s content available to teachers visit our resources page here.