In-School: POPS

Remote and In Control: Spy Hop Live in Your Classroom

Due to COVID-19 limitations, Spy Hop POPS Intensives for fall 2020 are offered in two formats: Video tutorials known as The Spy Hop Art Shop and Zoom-led Intensive Workshops. Spy Hop Art Shop is an extension of Spy Hop’s POPS curriculum and the video tutorials are available to everyone at any time! Alternatively, teachers or community members may schedule online Zoom & Video Tutorial Intensive Workshop sessions for groups of students up to 10 in any of the listed subject matter. Please email Adam Sherlock, Director of Community Programs to learn more and schedule a customized online lesson, or choose from the options below!

Follow-Along Video Tutorials: Spy Hop Art Shop

The Spy Hop Art Shop provides on-demand video tutorials for hands-on STEAM based art projects. Our professional artist mentors have created easy to follow videos that provide an engaging step-by-step process to make cool stuff! The choice is yours; you can watch just one video, or tune in for an on-going series.

Zoom Intensive Workshops

These STEAM based Digital Media Intensives introduce smaller groups of students (up to 10) to professional audio, design, animation, film production, and more! The goal for each student is to produce a complete piece of media by the end of the workshop. Spy Hop teaching artists work closely with teachers throughout the workshop to produce unique experiences that are tailored to the curriculum and thematic needs of the class. These Zoom led intensives are offered for grades 5 and above, and are typically comprised of 3 to 4 one-hour long sessions. Student’s work will be shared publicly online, and students are given the opportunity to showcase and curate their projects. By nature, these programs produce widely varied experiences for students and teachers, and a variety of finished media arts projects.

Spy Hop Intensive Options