Students on a PitchNic film set, summer 2019. (Keith Johnson)

Tell your story through the magic of film

Whether you want to make a film about real-life stories or make up a world of your own, we’ve got a film class for you. Our film classes use professional software and equipment: Adobe Creative Suite, Sony Alpha Series and Blackmagic Cinema cameras as well as top-end lighting and sound equipment.

REEL Stories gives you the chance tell your story to the world. You will write, direct, and edit your own five-minute documentary film that speaks to who you are, what you’re into, and where you live.
MEDIA LABS offer in-depth instruction at an introductory level in areas like filmmaking, beatmaking, and game design that give students the basic skills to take the next step.
APPRENTICESHIPS in film, design, music, and audio production give youth hands-on experience through project-based learning to hone their craft in the medium they love.
Spend 12 months with other passionate, experienced, creative teens to write, shoot, and edit a short fiction or non-fiction film.
WATCH THIS is a youth produced, civic-minded documentary series in which students between the age of 15-19 create a series of short videos on community relevant topics.