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Media Labs

Media Labs are introductory three-week workshops that give you hands on experience in film, music, and design.


Get paid to do what you love!

We are looking for teens who are passionate about filmmaking, graphic & game design, or audio & music production. Build a professional portfolio, expand your skills and at the end get feedback from professionals.

801 Sessions

801 SESSIONS is an independent, youth-run music production company offering internships to teens interested in learning about the production side of the music business.


Get the ultimate band experience in Musicology! Work with other musical teens in your new band to write, rehearse and record a full album of original songs.


PitchNic is an award winning film program that gives teens the opportunity to make a professional quality documentary or narrative film. Over 10 months students pitch ideas, film, edit and end with a premiere at the Rose Wagner Theatre.

Resonate: Hip Hop Production

Resonate is an alternative rap and hip hop production program that pushes back against the negative stereotypes of the genre. Students use lyrical content & original beats to promote the positive power of rap and its influence on society.

Loud & Clear Youth Radio

Loud and Clear is the only weekly, youth-produced radio program in Utah, and offers teens a hands-on experience on-air. Host your own radio show, play the music you want to hear, and talk about the issues that are important to you every Saturday night from 9-10 PM on 90.9 FM KRCL.

Power Up! Game Design Lab

Power Up! is an advanced game design program for artists, programmers, producers and video game enthusiasts. Over the course of ten months, students will design and create a fully functional and professional game.

Reel Stories

The longest running film class at Spy Hop gives students the chance tell their story to the world. Students write, direct, and edit their own, five-minute documentary film that speaks to who they are, what they’re into, and where they live.

Watch This!

Watch This is a civic-minded, grassroots, youth produced tv show allows students to explore community relevant topics of their choice.


Write and record your original songs. This program focuses on the individual songwriting process and learning about arrangement, lyric writing, dynamics and more.

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