If you are a music lover or a music maker, we have classes that will take your skills and passion to the next level.

From drop in sessions every Friday to yearlong intensive programs, you can use our professional recording studio to record your latest inspiration or produce other young talent for the 801 Sessions monthly video podcast.

Open Mic

One of Spy Hop’s first audio programs, Open Mic is unique in Salt Lake City. Teens can drop by every Friday night from 3 – 7pm and sign up for free studio time to record their own song. Audio apprentices run the show by recording and mixing the songs.

Pro Tools students record Woodshedding

Media Labs

Media Labs are introductory three-week workshops that give you hands on experience in film, music, and design.

801 Sessions

801 SESSIONS is an independent, youth-run music production company offering internships to teens interested in learning about the production side of the music business.

Resonate: Hip Hop Production

Resonate is an alternative rap and hip hop production program that pushes back against the negative stereotypes of the genre. Students use lyrical content & original beats to promote the positive power of rap and its influence on society.


Get the ultimate band experience in Musicology! Work with other musical teens in your new band to write, rehearse and record a full album of original songs.


In this program, you will focus intensely on the individual songwriting process to create songs that utilize the concepts like writing in key, arranging, melody, dynamics, lyric writing, and finishing compositions.

Spy Hop Woodshedding

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