A student hosting Loud & Clear Youth Radio on KRCL 90.9 FM

No distracting pictures, only sound.

Whether you are mixing sound for a motion picture, DJing your own radio show on KRCL 90.9 FM, producing a local band’s music or writing and recording your own radio story, the audio program is all about what you hear. Audio classes give you access to Ableton software and equipment, Pro Tools and recording gear.

REWIRED features weekly, live digital workshops for kids ages 9-12 in a variety of time/day options. These workshops are designed for beginners and do not require access to high-end software or equipment.
MEDIA LABS offer in-depth instruction at an introductory level in areas like filmmaking, beatmaking, and game design that give students the basic skills to take the next step.
APPRENTICESHIPS in film, design, music, and audio production give youth hands-on experience through project-based learning to hone their craft in the medium they love.
LOUD & CLEAR YOUTH RADIO is Utah’s only youth-produced radio show where students DJ a Saturday night show on community radio station 90.9 FM KRCL.
Do you listen to podcasts frequently? Are you passionate about topics that you want to share with an audience? Spy Hop is looking for teens to create podcast episodes and learn all about audio for No Static, a podcast program that focuses on addressing social issues and topics that are relevant to you.