Gear Check-Out Policy


Access to Gear and Technology Matters

We believe that access to high-quality gear, technology, and equipment should not be a barrier to being an active participant in your community. Therefore, Spy Hop has gear packages available to rent for FREE for any student who needs it in order to take a Spy Hop class. Gear can be picked up and dropped off at Spy Hop’s downtown facilities.


Our expectation is that you will treat Spy Hop equipment with the utmost safety and care. It must be returned at the completion of the program undamaged. We trust that you will treat rented gear and equipment with the respect it deserves and that you are prepared to take the responsibility seriously. Failure to do so will result in the loss of privileges and possible fines to repair or replace damaged equipment. Please don’t make us ask you for money to replace or repair gear. This is a mutual contract of trust, Spy hop wants you to have access to the gear and equipment you need, in turn you will treat it like gold so it is available for the next person. To put it simply, be a good human.  

Here are a few tips of things NOT TO DO:

  • Do not leave Spy Hop gear or equipment in a car, even if locked or hidden from sight.
  • Do not enjoy beverages or food in the proximity of Spy Hop gear.
  • Do not use equipment for anything other than its intended purpose. For example, tripods are not lightsabers.
  • Do not allow others who are not familiar with the equipment to use it. This is not the time to teach your little sister how to set up a light kit. (She should sign up for a Spy Hop class first!)
  • Do not loan the gear to your friends or family. (Again, if they are 19 or younger, they should take a Spy Hop class!)

If something breaks or isn’t working properly, do the right thing and text/call/email your mentor right away! Don’t pretend the problem will go away or that we won’t notice something is wrong when the gear is returned. Things happen, take responsibility and communicate. Again, be a good human!

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