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Spy Hop’s mission is to mentor young people in the media arts to help them find their voice, tell their stories, and effect positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world.

Since 1999, Spy Hop has mentored Utah’s young people in the digital media arts as a vehicle for free expression, self-discovery, critical thinking, and skilled participation. Our afterschool and community programs in film, audio, design, and music production are a model for youth development programs across the nation! Spy Hop is recognized by the White House as a leading nonprofit arts and humanities organization.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online with a cover letter, resume, and any additional information requested in the job announcement. No phone calls should be made to Spy Hop offices or to Spy Hop staff regarding job postings.


Community Programs Media Arts Mentor:
Full-time salary, exempt.
We are seeking someone dedicated to youth development, media arts, and progressive education to teach media arts programming to youth ages 9-19 throughout the state of Utah! This position requires a desire to travel the state, as well as experience in film production and editing. Other media-related skills may qualify as well!

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