Take a class

Yes! You want to take a class at Spy Hop, but where to start? 

The world has certainly changed in dramatic ways over the past several months and we have done our best to adapt and change with it. Our after school and in-school programming is available for free to students ages 9-19 in film, music, audio and design. Classes and workshops are introductory through advanced and are taught by mentors who are professionals in their artistic field. Due to COVID all of our classes are currently being offered online. Advanced classes do have the option to schedule in-person lab time in small groups. We recognize that access to gear, technology and software is a barrier for many in our community, therefore gear packages are available to students to rent for free. No matter your experience, where you live, or if you have a laptop (or not) Spy Hop has a class for you.

As you consider our programs and classes, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you most interested in? Film, audio, music or design? 
  • Is this your first class at Spy Hop?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a beginner or do you have some experience in the medium you want to take a class in? 
  • How much time do you have to commit to class? 
  • FYI – Classes do have age limits, pay attention to the recommendations as you review class options.

If you are a parent looking for your 9-12 year old, Rewired Workshops are designed to give kids an accessible learning experience in film, music, audio or design. These hands-on project-based workshops are designed to keep kids engaged and give them a STEAM based project through which to learn while sparking creativity and curiosity. Rewired Workshops are on pause for the remaining months of 2020. Please be sure to sign up for our email list to stay up to date on classes, workshops and summer camps for 2021.

If you are brand new to Spy Hop and/or are trying something for the first time, Media Labs are a perfect place to start. Media Labs are free 3-week classes for students 13-19  that meet two times a week for live online zoom classes and are focused on giving you an introduction to the skills and the artform you are excited about. No experience needed! 

Do you love beatmaking, rap, hip-hop and freestyle? Spend your Friday afternoons with our online community in the Beat Challenge. Learn tips and tricks from the Spy Hop pros and take your beats to the next level while riffing and collaborating with other like-minded music producers. Beat Challenge is best suited for students who have some prior experience making beats and/or writing lyrics, if that isn’t quite you (yet!) take a Media Lab first!

Think of yourself as advanced or wanting to hone your craft and explore a career path? The Apprenticeship Program (film, audio, design and music), No Static Podcast (new program!), and Watch This! all offer a deeper dive, hands-on training, stipends for your work (Apprenticeship) and the opportunity to schedule in-person lab time for additional instruction and mentorship. 

While you may have a passion for one particular medium, we always encourage exploration and trying something new. Questions? Can’t decide? Call or email Program Director, Jeremy Chatelain, we are happy to help you determine your starting point at Spy Hop. 

For the time being we have hit the pause button on our year long programming. We hope to be able to resume Open Mic, Resonate, Woodshedding, PitchNic, Musicology, Loud & Clear Youth Radio, and Power Up in 2021. 

REWIRED features weekly, live digital workshops for kids ages 9-12 in a variety of time/day options. These workshops are designed for beginners and do not require access to high-end software or equipment.
MEDIA LABS offer in-depth instruction at an introductory level in areas like filmmaking, beatmaking, and game design that give students the basic skills to take the next step.

OPEN MIC gives teens free access to our music recording studio every Friday afternoon.
MEDIA LABS offer in-depth instruction at an introductory level in areas like filmmaking, beatmaking, and game design that give students the basic skills to take the next step.

APPRENTICESHIPS in film, design, music, and audio production give youth hands-on experience through project-based learning to hone their craft in the medium they love.
WATCH THIS is a youth produced, civic-minded documentary series in which students between the age of 15-19 create a series of short videos on community relevant topics.
Do you listen to podcasts frequently? Are you passionate about topics that you want to share with an audience? Spy Hop is looking for teens to create podcast episodes and learn all about audio for No Static, a podcast program that focuses on addressing social issues and topics that are relevant to you.