The Spy Hop Team

Adam Sherlock (he/him)

Community Program Mentor

Adriana McGrath (she/her)

Office Manager

Alecia Cenaruzabeitia (she/her)

Spy Hop Rooftop Manager

Alesha Sevy (she/her)

Marketing Director

Alexa Wrench (she/her)

Youth Prevention and Coalition Director

Alexis Harris (she/her)

Community Program Mentor

Amanda Madden (they/them)

Education Director

Anthony Rodriguez (he/him)

Community Program Mentor

Bella Brewer (she/her)

Evening Receptionist

Ben Cavanagh-Thompson (he/him)

Equipment Lab Coordinator

Beth Branson (she/her)

Development Director

Cathy Foy (she/her)

Musical Arts Mentor

Connor Estes (he/him)

Director of Core Programming

Dan Doppstadt (he/him)

Audio Mentor

Dayana Arellano (she/her)

Student Services Coordinator

Don Barfuss (he/him)

Phase 2 Producer

Elizabeth Schulte (she/her)

Interactive Design Mentor

José Manzo (he/him)

Film Mentor

Kasandra VerBrugghen (she/her)

Executive Director

Larissa Trout (she/her)

Associate Director

Lillie Cummings (she/they)

Development Associate

Lisa Sewell (she/her)

Finance Manager

Loren Brunken (she/her)

Film Mentor

Lou Ruegner (they/them)

Radio Production Mentor

Maria Villasenor (she/her)

Phase 2 Director

Marlee Madsen (she/her)

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Myke Johnson (he/him)

Director of Community Programs

Nicole Dumas (she/her)

Statewide Arts Coordinator

Shaandiin Powell (she/her)

Graphic Designer & Multimedia Mentor

Board of Directors

Daela Taeoalii-Higgs (Operations Manager, SelectHealth) — Chair
Annie Quan (Business Development Director, Centeva) — Vice Chair
Nastaran Alimadadi (Assistant Controller, Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company) — Treasurer
Laura Sellers (Strategic Services Consultant, Instructure) — Secretary
Tessa Arneson (Owner, Maven Strong)
Luna Banuri (Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission)
Brent Bowen (CEO, Bowen Studios)
Neil Ellis (Area Sales Manager, Lumenis)
Missy Greis (Owner, Publik. Coffee Roasters)
JR Howa (Commercial Realtor, Mountain West Commercial)
Josh Liljenquist (VP of Investment, First Western Advisors)
Holly Peck (Attorney, Ward | Molloy)
Jennifer Plumb (M.D., Primary Children’s Medical Center)
Amy Redford (Actress, Director, Producer, Owner, BetRed)
Omar Riney (HR Specialist)
Jorge Robles (Lead Developer and Founder, iVoteApps)

Advisory Board

Sarah Elizabeth Garza-Levitt (Associate Director, U of U Basic Needs Collective) — Chair
Jennifer Berger (Real Estate Investor)
Mike Brown (Chief of Police, Salt Lake Police Department)
Bryan Clifton (Owner, Redman Movies & Stories)
Steve Denkers (Executive Director, Willard L. Eccles Foundation)
Geralyn Dreyfous (Founder, Utah Film Center)
John Esplin (Founder/CEO, Centeva)
Janie Franks (Franks Family Foundation)
Lewis Francis (Attorney, Jones Waldo)
Kevin Gruneich (Impact Partners)
Jean Tokuda Irwin (Arts Education Manager, Utah Division of Arts and Museums)
Meredith Lavitt (Director, Film Forward Initiative and Sundance Institute)
Carolyn Leone (Independent Costume Designer)
Hank Louis (Principal Designer, Gigaplex Architects)
Dan Maldonado (CEO, Cornerstone Programs) 
Hunter Metcalf (Photographer)
Peter Pilafian (Cinematographer/Filmmaker) 
Dylan Shepherd (Private Client Rep., Lincoln Financial Services)
Ken Verdoia (Executive Producer KUED, ret., Chair, Utah Arts Council)
Matt Wigham (CEO, Big Cartel)
Rick Wray (Co-Founder, Spy Hop)