PitchNic World Premiere

November 2017
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Spy Hop presents PitchNic, a world premiere of four short films written, directed & produced by Utah teens. A yearlong intensive film class, PitchNic is an innovative way to immerse students in the filmmaking process. Since it’s beginning in 2003, more than 100 teens have produced over 60 films that have screened at festivals around the world. If you are a film lover, you don’t want to miss this extraordinary display of local, upcoming talent.

Conceived in 2003 as an innovative way of uniting talented and passionate young filmmakers with real production resources, PitchNic allows experienced student filmmakers access to the funds, equipment and professional mentorship needed to create top-caliber films. PitchNic films have screened at over 30 festivals internationally, including Sundance Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Festival. On April 30, at Spy Hop’s Annual Benefit, the 2016 PitchNic students “pitched” their film to the public.  They were all fully funded (BIG thanks to everyone who supported them!) and the students spent the summer shooting and editing their films. They are now ready to premiere them and you don’t want to miss it!

Support for the 2016 PitchNic Premiere is provided by:

City Weekly

90.9 FM KRCL

Redman Movies & Film

Utah Film Commission

Epic Brewing

2015 PitchNic Films

2016 PitchNic Films

Dancing With Thorns

Mary Nejatifar & Peque Curiel
Dancing with Thorns follows the lives of three Utahns diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Bravely, the three fight the disease of troubled movement with movement itself, in the form of modern dance. Learning about the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s Disease will allow us to explore alternative therapy as well as how individuals with the disease move about their lives without allowing the disease to define them.


Noah Griffith, Daniel Duran & Brighton Ziegler
Evelyn, a young adult struggling with severe ADHD, finds a way to cope with her disability by using art as an outlet. Though she is very private about her artistic side she embraces her talents through the help of her friend and her mother. Through her journey she finds that there is no problem you cannot solve without adding a little color.


Logan Rosson & Maddy Willardsen
CO2 will investigate air quality in Utah and how the state is suffering. This film will show the current health impact and future projections for the state. CO2 will show how Utah’s government is neglecting this serious issue and is allowing it to get worse. Calling on the audience, this film will encourage audiences to take action about the air they breathe.


Katie Beacom, Stefan Pham & Daniel Duran
Weeks before leaving for her LDS mission, Maddie diverts from the path she had planned and embarks on an emotional road trip with an old flame and his conflicted friend. Along the way, Maddie confronts her now contrasting opinions, questions her beliefs and reshapes her outlook on love, faith and life.

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