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We are always looking for partners in our Spy Hop community! Do you want your students to learn about Spy Hop’s after school programs?

Our teaching artists will visit your classroom, being respectful of valuable teaching time, and tell your students about the amazing upcoming opportunities for teenagers. To arrange a visit from our mentors please contact Jana Davis at jana@spyhop.org.

In-School Programs

Spy Hop’s In-School Programs bring teaching artists to a single classroom, grade level, or an entire school. We offer Media Arts Shorts, Intensives and Assemblies that introduce students to the language and concepts of media arts through an interactive experience, which include onstage student participants.

  • Students experience a media arts demonstration.
  • Students learn about possible college and career opportunities related to the media arts.
  • Students learn how the digital media arts can serve as a vehicle for making, perceiving, expressing and contextualizing and can be integrated into other art disciplines.
  • Students are introduced to the media production process, including pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

These three types of programs are offered in the following mediums to ensure the interests and academic levels of all students are met:

Audio & Music
Students are introduced to audio engineering using industry standard software for electronic music making, Ableton Live. From microphone set-up to recording to manipulating sound, the entire student audience will work together to create an original song. Using only their voices, clapping, and stomping, students create musical notes and learn how to manipulate the recorded sounds with the Ableton Live software.

Film & Animation
Students explore the science and logic behind green screen technology and the use of Adobe After Effects to find connection between software and story. During this assembly students are introduced to filmmakers use of green screen technology, special effects, and animation software to create movie magic. Students gain the skills and resources to use Chroma Key and program their own animations in their own personal filmmaking pursuits.

Video Game Design
Students are introduced to coding and programming languages while walking through the steps of developing a video game using a combination of GameMaker and life size video game controllers. Working in groups, they explore errors in the video game and code that they have to solve to continue through the game.

Teacher Resource

Every teacher who has students participate in Spy Hop programs will receive access to Spy Hop’s online teacher resource. This resource provides free, easy-to-use software, prompts for integrating digital media arts into class projects, and instructional sheets for video game programming so that students and teachers can learn the language of coding and design together. The lessons were developed by Spy Hop’s teaching artists. Any interested professional is welcome to use the lesson plans for non-commercial uses. If your school is interested in participating in Spy Hop’s In-School Programs, please contact our Program Coordinator, Jana Davis, for more information.

Please note that the level of engagement within these lesson plans should be left up to the individual teachers as they are the experts on what his/her students need.

The following are the expected commitment of participating teachers:

  1. Participate in one of Spy Hop’s In-School Programs.
  2. Teach class adapted versions of the lesson plans provided.
  3. Help students develop and design their own digital media project.


Game Design, Introduction: Electric Chicken

Download the Electric Chicken Teacher Handout

Download the Electric Chicken Assembly Presentation

Download the Electric Chicken Game Design Files – Mac

Download the Electric Chicken Game Design Files – Windows


Game Design, Lesson 1: UnderTale

Download the UnderTale Teacher Handout

Download the UnderTale Game Design Files


Game Design, Lesson 2: Flappy Bird

Download the Flappy Bird Teacher Handout

Download the Flappy Bird Game Design Files

Spy Hop’s In-School Programs are free to public schools in Utah through generous funding from the Utah State Legislature and and the Utah State Board of Education.

Contact Us

To have Spy Hop visit your school, please contact:
Jana Davis
Outreach & Programs Coordinator

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