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We did it! Thanks to everyone for their help in reaching our goal!

Donate and get a Hoody! Donate and get a Hoody!

Limited time offer: Donate $75 and get an exclusive Spy Hop Hoodie
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One Time Donation

Contribute any amount to Spy Hop to support our mission — or check out some suggested giving levels.

$25 provides flash drives for students to store their projects
$50 provides tuition assistance for students to take a 3-week media lab class
$100 purchases external hard drives for students to store their BIG media projects
$150 purchases your membership to the Classic Spy Hop Crew (see chart below for details)
$250 purchases new microphones and recording gear for our recording studio
$500 pays for one Multimedia Apprenticeship stipend for an apprentice’s work in film, audio, or design
$600 pays for an Ultimate Spy Hop Crew membership (see chart below for details)
$1000 purchases a new DSLR camera to provide students with the right gear to make amazing films, documentaries, and personal narratives

Donation Amount:  USD

One Time Donation

Consider making a monthly donation to Spy Hop!

Contribute $50 per month for a full year (or a $600 annual gift) to Spy Hop and choose your favorite media club and receive extra special Spy Hop perks; sit in on the PitchNic film panel, be a part of a Loud & Clear Radio show on KRCL, or have an avatar designed in your likeness by a Spy Hop student. You choose and we deliver (see chart below for details)! (can be canceled at anytime)

Payment options for monthly donations:

Support Spy Hop and make creativity and innovative thinking part of everyday life for the 2,000 students we serve each year. Together we can ensure that today’s youth and their resilient optimism for the future are met with equal enthusiasm and opportunity.