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[April 17th] SLC F8: concert!


April 17th, 2024 @ 6:30pm
DJ set 6:30 – 7; SLC F8 performs at 7pm
Spy Hop Sound Stage
208 W Harvey Milk Blvd, SLC
FREE! Open to the public

SLC F8 is Spy Hop’s Resonate crew — students come together as a rap group to compose songs and produce an album from scratch.

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bitter blue band members (there are 6 of them) smile at the camera, some of them making silly faces and hand gestures. they sit on a blue couch next to a plant.

[April 11th] Bitter Blue: concert!


April 11th, 2024 @ 6pm
Spy Hop 208 W Harvey Milk Blvd, SLC
FREE! Open to the public

Bitter Blue is Spy Hop’s Musicology band — the band members are taking a 10-month long class with Cathy, our Lead Musical Arts Mentor, to learn how to be in a band, write songs, record, and perform their music at live concerts around Salt Lake Valley.

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SheTech Animation

Spy Hop is always thrilled to attend SheTech! This year, Mercedes and Liz, Spy Hop’s design teaching artists, held an animation workshop for students to attend. Check out the GIFs

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Summer at Spy Hop!

We are super psyched to share an exciting update about summer 2024 at Spy Hop! This summer, we’re expanding the free teen programs we offer (ages 12 – 19) and we’ve extended

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Reel Stories

Tell your story to the world: no film experience needed! In Reel Stories, you will write, direct, and edit your own five-minute documentary film that speaks to who you are.

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Music Journalism

Make some noise! Write music reviews, interview musicians, use recording equipment, and contribute to a fully youth-crated community music zine!

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Comic Book Design

Learn how to tell stories through comics! Build your skills to effectively use panels, convey time/movement, and communicate emotion. Complete (at least!) four comic pages to have your work featured in a zine!

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Filmmaking Basics

Want to get into filmmaking but don’t know where to start? Start your filmmaking journey in this four-week class: learn the basics of cameras, lighting, creating film stills, making shot lists, editing, and more!

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Cosplay and Prop Design

Design a cosplay based on your favorite characters, or create something inspired by your designs! Learn skills like armor creation, clothing design, or prop building to apply to different parts of your cosplay!

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Learn how to rock in a band! This class focuses on collaborating with other musicians, lyric-writing, performing, and creating original music in a group.

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