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Unlocking Animation

Welcome to the Spy Hop Art Shop Unlocking Animation course! This at-home learning resource will take students through a simple and fun journey to discover how animation works through short video episodes that will help students build skills as they go. 

After engaging in this activity, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of animation vocabulary and concepts ((Utah Media Arts Standard 7-8.E.CR.5)
  • Try out new ideas, materials and methods for art-making (Utah Media Arts Standard 6.V.CR.3)
  • Create a flipbook to illustrate ideas, stories or concepts (Utah Media Arts Standard 5.VC.1)

We understand that creative endeavors can be overwhelming, so we have taken the “magic Spy Hop dust” and boiled it down to its barebones essence to ensure accessibility; these learning videos reference hardware you will likely have access to – via phone, tablet, computer, etc. as well as software that is free of charge. Each video is paired with an educator resource to allow you to gather materials, supplies and to brush up on important vocabulary words. These resources are designed to set you and your students up for success. It’s time to get started!

Unlocking Animation | Episode 1

It’s time to learn animation! Unlocking Animation Episode 1 introduces the foundational concepts of animation and what terms like “frame” and  “frame rate” means. By the end of this engaging and fun overview, students will have the skills to make their own simple flip book animation!

Learning Resources

Unlocking Animation | Episode 2

In this episode, you’ll learn the keyframing process through PIKSELAPP, a digital animation software, and then learn the how to “in between” additional drawings to create smooth animations from start to finish!

Learning Resources

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To learn more about Professional Outreach Programs in Schools (POPS) and the other Utah organizations involved, click here! For more information about our In-School POPS programs, visit our In-School Arts Programs page or email Nicole Dumas: nicole@spyhop.org.

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