Dear Friends,

At long last Spy Hop is moving to our permanent home on the corner of 900 south and 200 west! Moving during a pandemic is as complicated as you might imagine, and while we are doing our best to be efficient and safe, it is going to take us a bit of time to transition – after all the new building isn’t quite finished yet. We hope to take occupancy of our new building around August 21, 2020. And of course that will be a day that we will all virtually high-five and hug each other that we did it!

With a move comes complications. Please note that at this time Spy Hop’s phone lines are down, we anticipate they will be back up and running on August 7. If you need to contact us, please use email. Our full staff list can be found HERE. Our office and studio on West Temple and 700 South remain closed due to COVID-19 and now for packing, please don’t try and visit. We are still receiving mail at 669 S. West Temple, Suite 202 SLC, Utah.

Our online fall programming will begin September 28. Details and registration will be online soon! 

Thank you for your support and your patience as we slowly but surely move forward and take occupancy of our amazing facility. We hope to find a way to celebrate this incredible milestone with you when it is safe to do so.
Learn more about our project on our website or take a video tour of the building as we near the finish line!