Power Up!

Game Design Lab

Take your game from prototype to gold in Spy Hop’s advanced game design program, Power Up. In this intensive program, you will work as a team of designers, programmers, and producers to create a full video game that investigates a social, community, or global issue. Using industry-standard software and the Unity Game Engine, you will create your own unique video games and publish your work
for the world to play. Once the game is completed, it will be green-lighted at a launch party in July!

Power Up! is an intensive year-long program. Registration for prospective students typically opens in the summer. Interested students will participate in an interview process prior to acceptance into the program. Power Up begins in October of each year.

What Happens In This Program:

  • A creative team of designers, programmers, artists, and audio designers make a game that makes a positive impact or change in the world.
  • Creating art and assets, programming, making game mechanics, using components, and learning the online game design software flowlab.
  • Thinking critically about games, how they are made, who makes them, and what messages they hold. Classroom discussions include comparisons between AAA console games and Indie games. And learning how to disrupt the traditional stereotype of game development.
  • Everyone on the team develops an idea for a game. Everyone pitches their game to Industry Professionals and gets feedback.
  • Your Game is published for free with a party to celebrate!

Access to Gear and Technology Matters

We believe that access to high-quality gear, technology, and equipment should not be a barrier to being an active participant in your community. Spy Hop provides professional gear and software for all participating students in classes at the Kahlert Youth Media Art Center. Professional gear is available to rent for FREE for students who may need to use gear and equipment outside of class time for assignments and special projects.

Please review Spy Hop’s Gear Check-Out Policies.

Current and Upcoming Sessions

| Capstone
October 1 – July 31
Tuesday/Thursday | 4 – 6pm

Ages 15 - 19

Take your game from prototype to gold! Work as part of a teen team of designers and programmers to create a full video game that investigates an issue you’re passionate about in this 10 month program.

Fill out the form to apply for Power Up!.

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