Spy Hop is closed Wednesday, June 19th, in recognition of Juneteenth. We’ll be back on Thursday.

Teaching The Spy Hop Way

Improve your remote teaching skills with Spy Hop!

Spy Hop is offering free live Zoom Professional Development seminars as a part of Utah Education Network’s Reimagine Teaching Program, for teachers across the state of Utah. Spy Hop Teaching Mentor, Myke Johnson, will guide teachers through the process of creative learning and fostering authentic voice in their students through film making, songwriting, digital design or game design. These seminars will teach the philosophy of Spy Hop’s unique mentoring style and the basics of media making in the classroom. There will also be three video activity portions to give you ideas to creatively engage with your students.

Spring seminar dates coming soon! 

Meet your Mentor

Myke Johnson

Myke Johnson is a Youth Mentor, Audio Engineer, Record Producer and DJ (amongst other things) from Salt Lake City by way of Honolulu. His relationship with music has been a lifelong one that has its roots in banging on pots and pans as a baby, with or without permission. He’s spent years developing a wide range of musical skills in both performance and production. He has spent time learning drums, percussion, singing, rapping, saxophone, piano, beat making, recording and mixing. His love for audio production started in his teens as a Spy Hop student and has continued to this day. He is a proud Spy Hop alum and loves working in youth development continuing the tradition of this organization operating as a beacon for young creatives in Utah.

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