Graphic design, game design, computer animation, interactive design – all skills you’ll learn in our Design program.

Using our light filled studio, students have access to professional software and mentors as well as a new circle of friends who speak the same language you do. We use professional software Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D, Adobe After Effects all on Apple iMacs.

These three-week workshops in game design, app design and graphic design give you the chance to try new things, learn new skills. Try a new one every month.  Ages 13 – 19.


This five-month program lets you get paid doing what you love.  The Design Apprenticeship gives students fundamental knowledge and hands on experience with professional software, with professional mentors.  Ages 14 – 19.


This ten month program takes ten students to create a fully functional and professional game that will be published on the App Store and other gaming platforms.