Reel Stories Premiere

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2020 Reel Stories Premiere – Online!

Spy Hop announces the online world premiere of a collection of new documentary films from the Reel Stories Program. For the first time Reel Stories has expanded outside of Utah and includes young people from across the country, including Utah. For three weeks, these students met online with their mentor to create their own short documentary on a subject of their choice. From poetic documentaries to films that examine culture, race and religion these young people have something to say.

Join us for the world premiere online through our partnership with the Utah Film Center on July 7th at 7 PM (MST). Student filmmakers and their mentor will be a part of this live online event and there will be a short Q&A after each film. Grab your popcorn and tune in for the premiere!

REEL Stories, Spy Hop Productions longest running film class, opens up the world of filmmaking to anyone who is interested and passionate about telling their story.  For almost all of the students, this was their first experience making a film, and the final results are a tribute to their hard work.

Reel Stories

July 7, 2020
7:00 PM (MST)
Utah Film Center Reel Stories Online Screening