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Learn about our fall film apprentices! They have spent the last four months crewing up in the world of client work. Taking on different roles, the apprentices have worked together as a team under tight deadlines making professional commercial content and building up their portfolios using industry-standard gear and software.

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Art Shop

The Spy Hop Art Shop provides on-demand video tutorials for hands-on STEAM based art projects. Our professional artist mentors have created easy to follow videos that provide an engaging step-by-step

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Spend 12 months with other passionate, experienced, creative teens to write, shoot, and edit a short fiction or non-fiction film.

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a colorfully illustrated image depicts a blue sky, clouds, and buildings in the background. a hand-drawn spy hop kahlert youth media arts center sits in the right hand corner, with a shining sun above it. the rest of the image has a large rainbow coming down from the sky, and swirling around in a wide, flat, backwards "s" shape. several cute monsters are depicted on the rainbow doing various things: biking, beatmkaing, holding laptops, playing guitar, filming, singing, holding film gear. among the monsters on the rainbow, in bright, colorful yellow letters reads "summer camps"

Full-Day Summer Camps

Spy Hop’s summer camps provide full-day workshop style experiences jam-packed with opportunities for learning and creative self-expression.

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Media Labs

Media Labs offer in-depth instruction at an introductory level in areas like filmmaking, beatmaking, and game design that give you the basic skills you need to make the art in your head come to life. Each media lab runs for 3 weeks.

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Reel Stories

REEL Stories is a summer program that gives you the chance tell your story to the world. You will write, direct, and edit your own five-minute documentary film that speaks to who you are, what you’re into, and where you live.

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