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Sound Effects Workshop

Tune in for a sound effect workshop and learn from Connor all the ways that sound tells stories. In the first video you will learn how to make your sound effects at home using objects around the house! Then learn how to tell your own story using Foley and free software.

Please send us a photo or two of creations when you are finished or tag us #spyhopartshop on social media.If you have any questions feel free to email our team!

Part 1

Follow along with Connor as he reveals the secrets behind how good sound effects are made for movies! Learn how to make your own sound effects using simple tools and ingredients in your house.

Materials and Downloads Needed:

  • Computer
  • Pen or pencil Paper
  • Household objects such as cans, pillows, dried pasta, rice, etc.! (you get to be creative!)
  • An audience to share your custom sound effects with

Part 2

In this lesson Connor teaches the basics of the FREE audio editing software Audacity. This video is a starting point for other audio editing videos on the Spy Hop Art Shop.

Materials and Downloads Needed:

Part 3

Coming Soon!


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Please indicate the grade of the students and the name of the school and district where they attend. If home schooled, write "home school."

Please tell us your grade and the name of your school and district (if known). If home schooled, write "home school."

If you are under 13, please get parental permission before participating.

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