Watch This


4 Months


January 10 - May 18, 2022


Mondays & Wednesdays | 4-6 PM




Ages 13 - 19



About this class

Spy Hop is looking for young filmmakers/activists to develop projects for Watch This!, a documentary film program that focuses on addressing social justice issues that are relevant to you. If issues related to topics such as climate change, gender, discrimination, and racial inequality get you fired up, then join Watch This! and create short media works that investigate the pressing issues facing our community and world. Don’t just join the conversation, start one!

What Happens In This Class:

  • Write and conceptualize ideas around relevant social justice issues.
  • Pitch and idea for a short video and develop a compelling story.
  • Direct, produce and shoot your piece.
  • Use advanced equipment to achieve your creative vision.
  • Learn professional editing software and techniques.
  • Premiere your film online.
  • Use your film to spark community dialogue.

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