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Afterschool Program Overview


Come as You Are

Spy Hop classes are for all teens – a safe and inclusive space to express yourself. From weekly drop-in Open Studio to Foundational classes, Capstone experiences, and paid Apprenticeships, our classes are designed to ignite your imagination and nurture your unique talents. You’ll collaborate with peers, fostering a supportive community that encourages experimentation and idea sharing.  All of Spy Hop’s Afterschool classes are held at the Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center between 4 and 8 PM on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Fridays are reserved for Open Studio. Our afterschool classes are offered free of charge thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters who are dedicated to uplifting and supporting the young people in our community.

An Overview: Spy Hop classes explained

If you have questions or are looking for additional guidance, please reach out by calling 801-532-7500 or sending an email to 


No commitment — show up, make music

Recommended ages: 15-19

Are you a music lover between the ages of 15 – 20 looking to use a professional recording studio for free? You are in luck! Come into the Spy Hop studio each Friday from 3 to 7 pm to get recorded, learn how to record, or use the various studio facilities for free, including instruments, music production software, drum machines and so much more. Hip-hop artists, rock bands, and classical musicians, all are welcome in Open Studio! No experience is required, just come in and sign in at the front desk.


Introductory - build your media production skills

Recommended ages: 12-19

Spy Hop’s Foundational (introductory) classes in film, music, audio and design are offered in two tiers, one for students ages 12-15 and another for students ages 16-19. These bite size classes are tailored to give you the opportunity to build your skills in your chosen medium. Foundational classes are offered monthly and give you plenty of opportunity to enroll in a class that fits your schedule and interests. Take one, or take them all, Foundational Classes are meant to give you the skills you need to take your creative ideas to the next level.


Intensive, 4 month commitment — earn a stipend

Recommended ages: 15-19

The Apprenticeship Program allows you to make your passion your profession. If you have the basic skills and are looking to expand your knowledge and try your hand at real-world job experience, then a Spy Hop Apprenticeship in film, music promotion, audio engineering, or design is for you. As an apprentice you will commit to a 4 month program with 4 hours per week of in-class time along with additional out of class time assignments and projects. By taking on real clients, and exploring your own artistic voice, you will build a portfolio of professional and personal work that is reviewed by industry professionals. Apprentices earn a $200 stipend for successful completion of the program.


Intensive, immersive experience — take your art to the next level

Recommended ages: 15-19

A Capstone class gives you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the art and craft of media production. From radio to film; hip-hop to indie rock, or game design, we have an intensive program suited to match your creativity and commitment to bringing the stories you want to tell to life.  Being accepted into a capstone class requires a serious time commitment (10 to 12 months) as well as dedication to the creative process and a small group of peers who are as passionate about media production as you are. All capstone classes culminate in a community celebration to showcase your work.


Recommended ages: 15-19

Join a Spy Hop Bootcamp to elevate your filmmaking skills and ignite your creativity. Dive into the world of filmmaking, from documentaries to short impact pieces, and gain hands-on experience. Develop your storytelling abilities and showcase your work online. Our fast-paced classes focus on skill-building and offer an intense, passionate learning environment to fuel your creativity alongside your peers.

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