Spy Hop is closed Wednesday, June 19th, in recognition of Juneteenth. We’ll be back on Thursday.

Art Wall

About the Donor Art Wall

Spy Hop exists because we believe in the power of youth voice. And, we believe that when armed with awareness, knowledge, and a platform to share their voice, young people are able to powerfully speak for themselves in a way that creates positive change in their lives, communities, and the world. Our students share stories that go deep and explore issues that are meaningful to them and often mirror the most pressing and daunting societal issues. But they also share stories that are lighthearted, quirky, and fun – giving a beautiful and authentic glimpse into the worries and wonders of teens. It is our job to listen, reflect and respond to our young people, for their voice and participation in the conversations and decisions made about the future must be heard and valued in order to create the world we want to live in.

The Donor Art Wall is a testament to the power of youth voice. It hangs in the lobby of the Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center to honor those in our community who generously donated to build this hub of creativity for our community.  This collection of Spy Hop student work and events spans the two decades of Spy Hop’s existence; from 1999 to 2022.

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