Did You See My Story


Did You See My Story?

A youth-produced podcast exploring topics around technology, accessibility, and social media

“Technology is its own planet,” Spy Hop Student, Connor Watson, states in Episode 2 of Did You See My Story? And it is the perfect metaphor to serve as a jumping-off point for this youth-produced podcast that explores topics around technology, accessibility, and social media. Essentially the podcast exposes nuggets of wisdom, laying bare the obvious fact that technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. 

These conversations give us a glimpse into the life of a young person, the life of what some like to call a digital native. Young people today are experiencing adolescence in a technology-centered world that is vastly different from past generations’ shared experiences of growing up in “simpler times.” Our technological world can feel uncharted and unknown; tune in to listen to these students share their opinions and feelings about what navigating today’s world looks and feels like to them. 

Did You See My Story? is a youth-produced podcast supported in partnership with the Susan Crown Exchange.  All episodes were produced at the Spy Hop Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.