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Episode 1: It Depends On What You Want

Depends On What You Want. Are you someone who has grown up in our now connected world, or did you live in a time when the internet and social media didn’t exist? How do we manage our connected lives, and what sort of questions should we be asking ourselves about what we want from the internet? TLP Interns Jacob, Pri, and Presely share their knowledge on how they manage the online world.


The TLP or Tech Liberation Project is a Spy Hop program that takes donated gently used hardware and technology and refurbishes it to give to those in need of it in the Salt Lake community. Jacob, Pri, and Presely are some of the interns that refurbish and retrofit the donated gear to make sure it’s ready to be given away. Hear their unique perspectives and thoughts on what it looks like to manage what we want and don’t want from the internet in the conversation.

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