Spy Hop is closed Wednesday, June 19th, in recognition of Juneteenth. We’ll be back on Thursday.

Getting to Know: Cathy Foy

Cathy Foy is the mentor for Spy Hop’s music programs like 801 Sessions, Woodshedding, and Musicology. Before Spy Hop, she taught music lessons from her house and worked at local coffee shops.

Cathy’s favorite part of teaching is being able to build relationships with students and watch them learn and grow as they create new things. This goes for all of the different classes that she teaches, regardless of what is being created. This includes seeing a group of teens work together to create a fully realized album in Musicology, helping students who have never written a song before write their own songs in Woodshedding, or seeing the finished product that comes from all the work put in by a production team in 801 sessions. She really enjoys being able to be a part of that process.

At the end of every class, Cathy comes away feeling proud and blown away by the work that students have created.

Currently, she teaches 801 Sessions and Woodshedding, working with students to create projects despite the restrictions of that pandemic that prevent classes from operating as they usually do. The 801 students have been tasked with creating their own music video, either for an artist they like or for music of their own. Cathy is always excited to see what the students have come up with. Woodshedding students work on their songwriting as usual and just performed in a showcase live event on Twitch earlier this month.

Cathy is looking forward to how young peoples creativity will continue to innovate as we come out of the pandemic with lots of experiences to be shared.

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