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Topic Category: Design

Power Up!

Take your game from prototype to gold! Work as part of a teen team of designers and programmers to create a full video game that investigates an issue you’re passionate about in this 10 month program.

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Design Apprenticeship: Fall

Become a design apprentice and learn what it takes to make design your career! Get hands-on client experience and build your professional portfolio, all while earning a stipend.

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Cosplay Design: Fall

Where does you start when you want to create a cosplay? How do you modify an existing costume? How do you make armor?! If you have asked these questions and more, then this is the class for you!

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Animation Basics: Fall

Delve into the world of 2D Animation, both traditional and digital. In this class you will explore techniques used by the pros to help you bring your creative characters to life!

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Comic Book Design

Learn how to tell stories through comics! Build your skills to effectively use panels, convey time/movement, and communicate emotion. Complete (at least!) four comic pages to have your work featured in a zine!

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Cosplay and Prop Design

Design a cosplay based on your favorite characters, or create something inspired by your designs! Learn skills like armor creation, clothing design, or prop building to apply to different parts of your cosplay!

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